Amazon buying twitch for nearly $1 billion



Update: Twitch has confirmed that Amazon will acquire the company later in 2014. Amazon will acquire all of Twitch’s outstanding shares “for approximately $970 million in cash” by the end of the year.

Wow, not sure how this is going to work. Hopefully we will get even better service. I just wonder if this will lead to even more ads. Maybe they will tie it into Amazon Prime somehow.
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I wish I could buy something for $970 million in cash.


Twitch is worth so much more money than that, in my opinion. I also don’t understand why Amazon wants them besides “they’re big!” Definitely glad that people won’t say that Google some how secretly bought Twitch.


Yeah. Wishful thinking there.


I think it’s because Amazon doesn’t really have a great ‘video service’ even though you can ‘rent movies’ from them. I think it’s a smart move from them. They’re basically purchasing the infrastructure to go bigger with their video service. I also like for the most part, so having a larger entity build upon it could be a good thing. Either way, VERY interesting news indeed.


@MaddCow I think you have it wrong way around. Amazon didn’t buy Twitch for their infrastructure, they don’t have any… It’s a service, like Netflix and guess who uses Amazon Web Services? Yes, Netflix does, and soon Twitch will too. Just so you know, Amazon is not only a store, it is a powerhouse when it comes to providing servers (like Microsoft and Google).
I see it 2 ways. Amazon decided to purchase Twitch to push themselves not only to serve ads to amazon store, but also, to bring other content to well known and established service that will further make more people join Prime. Sports events, concerts and all sorts of things you can watch LIVE. Now, after the event has ended, you can watch it with Prime for free (but Prime is not free) OR purchase it on Amazon Video for $1.99 in SD version or $2.99 HD… you get me? On the other hand, i think Twitch went with Amazon, due to backlash of news that Google was buying them, not many people were to happy about it. And why would Google buy Twitch? for same reasons… Google is not a good uncle that gives you shit for free, it’s a corporation that needs to make money. Another note, Google has YouTube and it does have streaming service, it does offer some sort of Live event’s but it is not popular with users, I think Amazon saw that if Google buys every company that does something popular (YouTube was not “invented” by Google, it was bought by them), they will have a hard time to catch up. So that’s why they decided to make a bid.


Yes, it’s a service, but they still need somewhere to store videos and stream them.