Amazing new game mode


4 wraiths


1 hunter.

And… GO.


Depends on which Hunter. None of the humans could cope, but bucket could just send copies of himself over and over.

And one of the Hunters would be straight up OP there- Daisy.


Lmao. a hunter in like a megabot suit. Made to be stronger than all the wraiths until they hit evolve 3. Then they have to take down the mega machine.


hmm, nice idea for players they like a hardcore challenge :sunglasses:
a game mode with more hunter teams and monsters, is interesting too example: 8 hunters vs. 2 Monsters or a random choice of hunters, monster and perks


The first idea has been shot down by devs as unfeasible due to hardware constraints, but I like that second idea.

Completely randomizing everything would be pretty fun.


I think that too, its a new challenge to play a class that you maybe dont played befor.


I was kinda… iunno, surprised? I guess that’s the right word. Surprised when there wasn’t some type of Horde mode, like 12 players as all Hunters v increasing Hordes of AI Minion Monsters with occasional Alphas.

Seemed so fitting for the situation the Hunters found themselves in, you know… play out that last scene in Evac :wink:

Ah well, I can always dream of a future game mode, yes? :smiley:


I’m writing an Evolve story that imma post on the forums that takes place five years after the events of Shear and Markov has a big freakin’ lightning mech suit. And Cabot is a paraplegic from his injuries during the Battle For Shear, and now him an Bucket are kind of like conjoined, so to speak. Like, when Cabot needs to do something that requires him moving around, Bucket can convert into a mech suit kind of thing that augments his legs, allowing him to actually move his legs.

I need to lay off the coffee.


Yeah Ive always thought this was a cool idea. Multiple teams of hunters vs extra monsters would be a ton of fun imo.


Wraith vs Wraith… your welcome


Never lay off the coffee when you turn 18. Till then stay away from it. Coffee is essentially all that’s standing between me and death now. Picks me up and carries me home. You know how 70%ish of your body is water? Yeah, 99% of mine is caffeine.

It’s not great.


5 wraiths vs 1 Yautja… make that 7 wraiths Yautja likes challenge.


All abduct at one time… rips hunter into 4 equal parts… end scene…


There’s never a time to lay off coffee! I’m snorting the coffee grinds as we speak!.. I’m not addicted… I swear


Yeah literally making this the first game where a character can almost completely be hanged drawn and quartered. Medieval style… 'Cept with monsters


$10 says 90% of the wraiths don’t go for bucket, and instead spend 18 minutes eating, leveling up and running away.


We need a support meeting for all the coffee addicts… Only I don’t know how many of us are on these forums.


4 Wraiths? Well, Bucket then. Bucket all.


I agree, admitting is the first most important step… Ill start My name is Sean and I’m a coffeeholic… I might have an idea to find out who alls a coffee addict, I’ll post a new thread simply asking :x @MidnightMonash


why you talk about coffe? xD this topic is for a new game mode xD