Amazing drawing


I have a friend who’s an artist and I wanted to share his work, thought this was pretty insane

He usually draws people here are his works:


That’s really good!

you should get him to do some evolve stuff


He’s not into gaming I don’t think… Something I’d deff ask him to do


Looks good.


I mean…it’s decent.
But where is the tail? The cute face and pointy ears? The meow meow? Just doesn’t quite seem to be there just yet.


We got a party pooper in the house :confused:



Owls’ ears are just holes on the side of their heads. The things that look pointy on their heads are called ear tufts and are actually not part of their ears; they’re just feathers.


Yay, another fellow artist!

Pretty decent, but how long has your friend been into doing artwork? I can see that they’ve used a graphite pencil and sharpie marker to do this peice. As with all artwork I must use constructive critism for my artist fellows! <3 Overall, a very nice final product.


The feathers on the Great Horned Owl’s torso and forehead are semi-realistic and have seemingly been placed accurately on the body. The feather alignment on the neck gives a soft appearance - makes me want to hug it!

The linework that was used here is rough, which is good for a pencil sketch, as you can see all of the details in the art and it is easy to pick out which part of the body is which.

Around the branch, the owl’s talons are at decent length, and seem to reflect a light source I’m guessing is coming somewhere from the left of the picture. I’m going to say either the moon’s seductive glow or an artificial light source, as owls are nocturnal.


Bird wings have a certian feather alignment in which they’re placed upon the bones of the wing. They branch off into three categories: primary feathers, secondary feathers, and tertiary feathers. The feathers I described are absent here, leaving this in a flock of just feathers and awkward lines.

The Great Horned Owl does have the tufts of feathers over his ear holes, but they do not extend wayward as they do here. Another anatomy fault. And his tail seems to be out of place here and hard to distinguish from his wings.

The lines on his toes and the branch on his perch are a big muffled and can be hard to make out.

And finally, the marker here was used a bit harshly and, as far as I can tell, was used primarily to outline the body of the owl. This could have been just as much of a decent piece if pen or pencil had been used for an outline as well.

His right eye is reflecting a light source, but that side of his face is hidden in shadow. As you can see on the lines, the shadow passes over his eye, making that a very confusing placement of reflection.

Apart from the branch, there was no background used in this piece, so it appears as though ideas were run out of here, on his part.


Sledge likes it. Looks like a tattoo or an ale/beer bottle label. 2 cupcakes for you and your friend.


My friend’s better at drawing people then he is animals, just uploaded two of his previous works…

@SledgePainter well im a try and get him to do a Kraken/Goliath if possible


Please do!


I can draw both with equal skill, which I’m proud of.

I’m glad that I can draw a Monster from Evolve with relative ease, any kind is pretty easy for me to throw down. They look very nice on digital art.

Just takes practice. Your friend isn’t bad, either, it is actually very nice. C: