Amateur League | Evolve - Helping Evolve Players Find Teams



Hi, I’m starting a Discord to help Evolve players find teammates for either casual or competitive play. As many of you may know, Evolve has a general Discord channel which is great for finding quick groups, discussing the game, talking to devs, etc. However, I’m launching this new Discord (called "amateur League | Evolve, or aLE for short) to help players who are looking for high-skilled teammates to form pre-made teams, either for casual play in pub matches, or competition in tournaments. The Discord can be useful in finding players to have regular matches with, experiment with roster changes, and skirmish with other burgeoning teams or free agents for practice.

This Discord is primarily for amateurs - i.e., individuals who don’t actively participate in the “pro” leagues like ESL, though anyone from ESL is also certainly welcome to join in. The idea for this Discord comes from my team’s own extensive search for teammates, as well as from things like @Ryke676’s stream where he tried to help coach his viewers to form groups for higher-level play. The hope is that it can be an active community of experienced players to play with one another until you find a group that really “clicks” for you.

The Discord right now offers channels for:

  • Individual players/teams looking for team members (longer term)
  • Individual players looking for group (short term)
  • Solo monsters looking for a hunter team to partner with, or scrim against (or both)
  • Free agents for substitution in matches, scrims, or tournaments
  • Channels for burgeoning shoutcasters - find a caster, or discuss
  • A channel for coaching
  • A channel to discuss the various tournaments available to amateurs (including the Evolve Community Cup, the Helix Gamers League Amateur Tournament, etc.) and their rules, regulations, registration details, etc.

There are also voice channels available for NA and EU players in games, “Scrim Rooms” for players, and more. I’m fully amenable to making captains of teams moderators in the channel moving forward, and exploring collaborations with other teams, making changes to the Discord’s formatting, etc.

It’s hard finding people to play games with on a steady basis. Life gets in the way. Sometimes your friends don’t play the same game, they’re on at different times, or they’re just not as interested in high-level play as you. If any of those apply, this Discord is right for you. My hope is that this can help us all find people we enjoy playing this fun game with. Hopefully you all check it out, and provide feedback if there’s anything I can improve.

If anyone at all is interested in joining, please use this link:

Anyone is welcome to join and look around. Hopefully you can find some people to play with, whether you’re looking for a pre-made team to shoot with regularly, or just need a few people to fill your group with in the heat of the moment. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions or concerns, or have any thoughts for improvement as well, either on the Discord, or on steam:

Thanks :smiley:

Team Looking for More Players
Team Looking for More Players

Also, just to piggyback on the purpose of this Discord… the HGL Amateur Tournament has been hosted the past couple of weeks, and the turnout has been shrinking. It started with 13 teams on week 1 (we competed then), then dropped to 4-5 teams, and this past weekend, it had 0 teams. This Discord should be helpful in growing the amateur/pro competitive scene of the game if used by people to establish teams. Even if you already have a team, it might be great for you and your members to join up so you can check in on subs, find other teams to scrim, or even just pass along some goodwill, coaching, and others to the burgeoning comp community.

Conversely, the game is just a lot more fun with friends. Especially friends who know what they’re doing. Playing hunter in pubs is sometimes frustrating - where’s the random medic? Halfway across the map, getting killed by a sloth, while you’re getting chased by the monster in a dome the assault threw down alone? It’s craziness sometimes, and having coordinated people you trust and who know the game is really key to getting everything you can from this game. So, I strongly encourage anyone who’s even thought about establishing a pre-made, to at least take a look for the next few days/weeks.


Bump because it seems to be a good thing.

@fluffybunnywhiskers But its not the official Evolve Discord-Channel right?


Its nice to see community members stepping forward. I have a feeling alot of great things are to come.


Thanks seeds! :smiley:

Just a friendly reminder, too, for everyone out there - no commitment necessary when joining the Discord. Feel free to check it out. We got a bunch of members yesterday, but could use a lot more. Some of the players have already started playing together, etc., to feel one another out and hopefully find a future team :slight_smile:


That’s an amazing initiative and I wish I could take part in it. Unfortunatelly lattency from South America to other regions is kinda high for serious playing. I really wanted to do it myself for my region but I don’t know any place where I could reach out to enough Brazilian members. Even on NA and EU it doesn’t seem to be the easier task.

I might consider trying to play with the higher ping anyway sometime


Rafael, can I ask what your ping usually is in NA or EU servers? And do you have any other SA players you already know and play with? It couldn’t hurt to join in case, with the caveat of knowing that ping could be kind of a issue sometimes, at least for more serious games, or for some players. But, it doesn’t necessarily hurt to try, either, and maybe there are others in your same situation?


Quick question, I’m a monster main, and would love to play in one of the amateur tournaments. But what times are they?


Unsure if you saw the Discord message, but the HGL tourney is Sundays at 3 PM Eastern Standard time… moved from 3 PM eastern from earlier weeks.

The Evolve Community Cup is also an amateur tournament, but I believe only one game has occurred this season with 16/21 teams participating. I’m not sure when the next one is scheduled, but that’d be a question for the TRS devs.