Am I the only one who was killed by the Blitz Leopard?


Seriously, I got pounced dozens of times and died like 5. And never saw anyone else get downed.


I only got caught out by the environment four or five times in the alpha, and I played for 67 hours. In the first alpha I died several times because of wildlife, but the blitzleopard wasn’t a thing back then!


No offense, but DAMN. There was only 96 hours of live time, and you spent 67 of them playing? What the hell?


I can’t say I died to Blitz Leopards, but I did have a hilarious time where I misjudged my boost amount on the dam, and dropped just perfectly into the big pit with the Tyrant in the water at the bottom. Landed right freaking on top of the Tyrant, and he murdered me dead.


I think that blitz leopards and venom hounfs can pounce hunters, but it’s only a temporary pounce. Like 5 seconds, after that you beat them of you.


<.< Yeah, I definitely didn’t play for 85 hours on XB1…

But no, I never died to them. They pounced more a few times then I would kick them off.


If i died to wildlife it was because i probably had plant food wrtiten on my back from the start lol


Those fat frogs that looks like a rock caught me a few times… never died to one though.

Best was when me and a few buddies were playing, and had just killed the monster down by the water on Distillery. We’re patting each other on the back and all that - and meanwhile during the few seconds you’re still in game after the match ends, I see a Tyrant crawl out of the water and just swallows Hyde whole.


Died from a plant. Assault litterally was standing next to me and did nothing. =(
Died froma Megamouth. Smae Assault, same outcome.
Pounced by the monster. Twice.
Got pounced by a Blitz Leapord, didn’t die.
Got pounced by several Venom Hounds, didn’t die. Speaking of the venom hounds, can the devs please get rid of the venom warning? It’s very annoying.


I know dem feels with the plant. This guy on the voice chat was screaming at me for not putting up a dome, while I was in the plant, while he was right next to me. After I died, he asked me why I didn’t listen to him, and when I explained the plant thing to him, he embarked some of his infinite wisdom to me:

“I would have let you out if you domed him” - DoucheAssault , 2014

Anywho, none of the ‘single pounce’ animals have ever killed me. Me and the blitz leopards are on good terms.


I have a hated relationship with Venom Hounds. Also there was an Assault guy who was trying to track the monster by himself. I follow him, I get in front of him, I get in a plant, he walsk straight by. I did get his attention and he let me out but he almost left me to die. Oh, and I was the Trapper.


Yeah, at the moment I have no life. Evolve is all I have right now :blush:


Wildlife OP


That’s not a rock… it’s a wanker.


Especially when your alone against 3 Blitzers.


I saw a bucket get pounced once by a venom hound
He nearly died had 30% left
from full health

shoulden’t abe be able to free himself from megamouths?
A point blank shotgun blast to the eye or mouth would probably stun them enough time to crawl away

And why does hyde actually struggle when pounces by a blitz leopard or venom hound
those things are tiny and hes a big brute


Because it’s got a firm grip on his neck.