Am I the only one who thinks that Sunny's jetpack booster can be hilarious?

I just wanted some people to share their favorite moments as their favorite hunters (or classes).

SO, I was playing Sunny (WHO ISN’T MY FAVORITE HUNTER, JUST TO CLARIFY! It will always be :bucket_cute:) yesterday and we trolled this Behemoth so hard… Slim was the last one alive with me… and I jetpack boosted him whenever Behemoth got close to him, and he went flying, then Behemoth focused me. My shield drone (quite far away) shielded me from damage. When he went to destroy that, I cloaked, and placed another. Me and Slim grouped up really quickly, and then he found us again. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. xD

Share your stories below :



But it was so funny. You should’ve seen how far my team kept flying xD

I’m pretty salty about Sunny tbh, she drains the fun level for me.


Don’t worry, I only play her with friends… (The behemoth was my friend too xD He was so done after like 4 times.)

EDIT: @Quirkly I like only play Bucket and Hank. I have barely played Sunny (I wanted that badge that changes from Smiley face to Crazy face.)

EDIT : can’t leave this without a :bucket_salute:

how do you get regular next to your name

Trust Levels.

Read this post.

In my personal opinion Sunny is the hunter version of Wraith when it comes to draining fun.


You’re the support player that keeps me playing this game ^.^

Yay! Helpfulness ^.^ And new profile picture.

@LosSalvatierras I can see where you’re coming from…

AND UM… guys… this was a share your favorite moments with favorite hunters!!!

Lol I noticed, is that Soundwave? Or Shockwave? I always mess those 2 up -.-
Favorite hunter moment: Was Crow, playin defend, D-Bag Kraken player.
Finally declared I was done with his long range bull, went rambo.
Duoed a Stage 3 Kraken for god knows how long, consistent charged headshots, only had Hank covering my ass (This Hank was fuckin god tier)
Couple of minutes later, he’s down to a bar of health and we’re only on the 2nd gen.
I was da real MVP

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Shockwave :smiley: It’s okay… If I wasn’t over-obsessed with Transformers, I would probably mess them up too. If it was Soundwave, I would probably have Laserbeak on it with him too.

Example : (and probably NEXT profile pic when I’m sick of this one.)



OR MAYBE 1980s?:

I am going to have some decisons to make @Quirkly. AND if you need help remembering Soundwave and Shockwave, Soundwave has two eyes or no eyes, Shockwave has one eye.

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there was a incident that i had with sunny at the refueling tower. i was creaming there hunters left and right as my main squeeze goliath. i killed 3 hunters thought for a moment “where the fucks the trapper” because he didnt help at all. i look around shrug and go tot he power relay only for a dome to come down stopping me. at that point im like okay . . dafuq is this asshole. i look around cant find him so i just casually looked up and i saw him l . . ontop of a pipe . . . near the top of the dome. guy thought he was clever up there. i imagine he used sunys jetpack booster to exploit the fuck up there so i obliged him with a rock that knocked him off then a pounce for his trouble . . .exploiting assholes


I was Slim, and me and Sunny were the last survivors. I kept getting jetpack boosted and flying back and forth between platforms in Broken Hill foundry. It was a hilarious match, especially since we were all in a party together.

Maybe that is what I’m describing? @RobertOfPotatoland I was there… right? Isn’t that what I posted? :laughing:^^ Just asking.

Favorite hunter moment:
Torvald, on wraith trap, hunt, against kraken.

Pretty lame chase for the whole game. He was down maybe two bars of health, our trapper had one strike and we were bunkered down at the relay. Out of nowhere, the kraken gains immense skill and wipes all of our team super fast. I managed to get his armor all the way down by the time the rest of the team went down and he started to focus me. I was kiting around the wraith trapped in the center. Kraken was trying to chase me/cut me off and bomb me with LS and such, but he hard a hard time getting LOS. All the while I’m bombing him with mortars, since he was easy to lead and it kept me out of sight. almost killed him, but the drop ship timer was almost done. Yeah, we fought like that for 2 mins straight. He takes off, armors up, and comes back. The SAME thing happened again, and I was able to finish him off. I had about half a bar of health (legit just one ranged attack from death). It was an insane adrenaline rush. One guy hopped on his mic (I was pugging on ps4) just to tell me how epic the battle was and how it was easily the most entertaining thing he has seen on this game.

Super satisfying feeling, soloing while the whole team watched. Trading blows back and forth, and declaring my dominance with a solid victory.

Whoops, I didn’t look through this thread thoroughly :P. Was it you that was Sunny?

This doesn’t make me laugh. It makes me cry. I cry salty salty tears.



And @Zeus_Juice, you sound like you were a legend that game. :assault:

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She really, really is. She has too much utility, and does a better job of dealing, blocking, and denying damage, than any other support in the game.