Am I the only one who thinks Sunny is better than Hank?

Recently I’ve really been preferring Sunny to Hank, especially after the patch. I think she’s the stronger Support but on the forums pretty much all I see is “Hank is the strongest by far.” Don’t get me wrong I still think Hank is a strong pick, but I think a good Sunny is leagues more effective than a good Hank. She’s the perfect mix of defensive and offensive, with great, consistent damage and brilliant options to protect her fellow hunters. However, I do think she needs a more experienced, capable team to aid her effectiveness, and thus I think right now with the shaky matchmaking Hank may be a safer option (especially if you continually get paired with incompetent players), but in competitive and higher level play I can’t see why you’d rather have a Hank than a Sunny.

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Nope she is awesome


Hank has the ability to deal a lot of damage. Versus sunny, who has less damage, and more utility. People also prefer Hank’s shield over Sunny’s drone, which can be destroyed.

Sunny is awesome too. The only reason Hank is more common is that he has better synergy with Caira.

And slim imo, but thats up for debate.

I play both Hank and Sunny and I almost always do more damage with Sunny. Usually with Hank I can hit around 5-7k with his Orbital and then another 4-5k with his Laser Cutter, but with Sunny I can usually deal up to around 15k damage while still using the booster efficiently.

In that case, you are an excellent multi-tasker.

When you’re good at multitasking Sunny will do a LOT of damage. Don’t underestimate the nukes.

Furthermore that’s not even taking into account the extra damage that the booster gives. In chases, domes, etc.

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Same. Usually gettin 17k.
dusts off shoulders

Yeah I do agree there, a Sunny/Caira combo without communication can be really terrible, but I’ve seen it work a few times.

You need excellent coordination, yes.

Well that and Hank can force people to be shielded, had several games with pubbies lately where they run AWAY from the shield drone when under attack…

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I think the reasoning is the shield drones have to be used very affectively to make a difference. Hanks shield is a simple point and shoot but sunnys has to be placed away from combat because if not a monster ability aimed at a hunter also takes out shield drone. I guess hank is more convenient

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I hate sunny the most out of any possible support when playing as the monster. So yeah I’d say she is better than Hank.

No you’re not. But I feel hank and sunny are 2 totally different styles of play, and both have their good traits and bad.
Hank: more control over who you want to shield which is the main reason I’ll use Hank when I play by myself in public match. Sunny is good with a coordinated team, and the drone does a decent job of shielding who needs it the most, but still not perfect. Sunny with her jet pack booster is a real game changer if your medic is getting focused. The jet pack is the only reason I use sunny, and the abilitiy to deal mass amounts of damage to the monster. They are both very, very good choices.

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Hank is better at recovery than sunny

From a behemoth player standpoint I hate seeing a sunny. A good sunny can ruin everything, that drone is a huge pain and as soon as you drop one you see another. Now you string all that together with a powerful weapon and someone who jet pack boosts at the proper time and it’s a recipe for disaster to a monster

She is awesome but Hank is better, because he has out of jail cards

From a wraith player standpoint I get easy counter kills when playing sunny but I’m kinda afraid of her damage in a fight compared to hank though

ya they hurt hank, not ruined but hurt hank pretty bad. His shield is so much lower especially with stronger melee damage. and his laser cutter nerf was not needed. His shield comes back slower once it’s fully out. Makes no sense and the worst is the burn damage cant be negated now and people know where my laz is