Am i the only one who thinks Hyde does so much damage with so little effort?


I feel like Hyde deals way too much damage especially if you are playing as Wraith/Behemoth. He just throws a grenade and holds left click until monster dies. All other assaults require thinking and skills to be good at but i feel like Hyde is so simple yet so powerful. It is almost impossible to kill an incapped hunter without losing atleast 2 bars of health if the enemy team has Hyde. I am on PC btw.


The thing about Hyde is that he’s the best all-around pick, not nearly as affected by “bad matchups” as Parnell or Lennox are against for example Kraken or Wraith.

His damage output seems so solid because it is fairly reliable, but if I know exactly which Monster we’re up against then I tend to only consider Hyde if it’s Wraith or Gorgon.

I don’t think Hyde is the problem. Ease of use is his main selling point.
If anything, it’d be nice if the other Assaults didn’t suffer from potential bad matchups so much.


Hyde also does damage slower than any other assault in the game besides Markov maybe so thie definetly are trade offs to the “consistency” of his damage


I think all assaults are easy to play accept Parnell,



And no. Most of his damage comes from toxic grenades which are easily countered. Plus I agree with a lot of what @Rick said.


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Eh, i feel like all the assaults are generally easy to use, except for Parnell.
As for Hyde all you have to do is keep moving, hes meant to punish monsters who stay in one spot for too long and allow him to move in close.


No. He’s fine the way he is right now.

Also, it does take effort to get the most out of his kit. You just can’t camp or sit still with him on a team. It’s like that for every Assault, some are just more damning than others.


Sure you don’t want to pick Blitzkov?

C’mon! Challenge yourself! :wink:

*Don’t really, it’s infuriating :o *


Also he ignores limb modifiers. As with most main weapons.


hey look I am on the picture xD also I think hyde is fine he just punishes more than any assult as you can just move out of the way for torvalds mortars markoves mines lennox’s thunder strike he is just all around a good one to use


To be fair, Hyde’s weak point is range, and his grenade you can see and easily avoid. Just be sure to make distance between you and him and it isnt a massive issue.


that is true


This. I play Lennox a lot, and people pick Kraken a lot.
I cri evrytiem


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Well, the autocannon is pretty good against kraken. Parnell is worse against him than lennox. Shotgun has no range, and his missiles take too long to get to kraken, so he usually dodges fire easily.

Autocannon is allot harder to dodge.


He is pretty easy to use starting out but once you’re good with all of the assaults you will notice that Hyde doesn’t really stand out in any particular area. Especially range.


Well kraken dodges almost all main assaults weapons. This is part of the problem he causes.