Am I the only one who sucks at monster?


Like, for real, I suck… A lot…



My computer doesn’t like me playing monster so I didn’t get the chance to try them out a lot, but there’s a bunch of tips and tricks here on the forums that can help you.

This one seems pretty extensive in covering what you should do

Alternatively, you can watch some of the higher level monster play and try and learn off them.
I know Sacriel often explains his actions as the monster to his viewers, so he might be a good place to start


You’re not the only one.


No no no. Have you seen the AI play golaith or kraken? There is literally no hope of living if you are 1 v 1ing even just a minion. Those perfect rock throws are killer. Literally


Don’t feel bad @Overeptic. See? There IS someone else.


Stage Two Goliath AI with triple Rock Throw and triple Leap Smash and 10% Damage Output = Game Over


I’ve never had a problem avoiding the AI goliaths rock throw.


You must not have vs some of those minions. the one on nest is like crazy. You won’t survive if you are alone.


Naturally. It’s essentially a stage one monster. You won’t survive a stage one even with a team mate.


I am only going to play Hunter.


I only did well playing the running game. Trying to be sneaky got me killed at stage 1 most of the time. I got pretty frustrated with it. If I had some armor and got in to combat I did well against most teams, although not all, but that was the problem… I kept either getting caught before I had much armor or I’d get caught evolving. But if I ran like a lunatic I did pretty okay!


Probably not,I feel like it would be easier to play as the hunters…Takes practice though,I’m sure you’ll get better.


I am a terrible Monster. It is 5th on my preference list.
Every time matchmaking dumps me into a game as Monster, I quit out and take my one minute penalty.
No one has a good time when I play Monster.
Not me, and not the enemy team that kills me on the first dome.


I have two friends who are not very good at monster, either. They just avoid it altogether because of it. For some people, Hunters are just much more their pace. Nothing wrong with that. :grin:


Nope! In fact, one of my close friends I play with is probably only going to play Val almost exclusively, which is fine as long as she’s still having fun!


There are lots of good guides around here to help you, but my best advice is this: get in the mindset of a boss. You are the centerpiece of the game. You control the flow. You control the map. The objectives. The timing. Everything. Once you fully realize that you are in charge, it becomes easier to dominate hunters. I know it isn’t mechanical, but for me, that is the difference between a landslide victory and an embarrassing defeat.


No, you’re not.

But you can get better; remember, Monster is more psychological too.


I was actually statistically best as monster. Which was unfortunate. My preference was totally geared toward playing as a Hunter.


I don’t think it necessarily has to do with being sucky. For one thing, you might have bad luck, and go against REALLY good Hunter teams ALL THE TIME (Which is unlikely, but possible). Also, playing Monster is a mindset. You have to realize, that even at stage 1, a smart Monster is a force to be reckoned with. If you trust your fighting ability, then use that to your advantage. You’re naturally faster and stronger, so use that to your advantage. As Monster, YOU ARE GOD, and power is everything. They HAVE TO CHASE YOU AT SOME POINT, so lead them to less than ideal areas to fight (such as the marsh in the back of Fusion Plant.) Personally, being a Monster feels natural, so focusing on improving my weakpoints makes me better when they are exploited.