Am I the only one who feels slim got the short end of the stick?


Am I the only one who feels that 30-33% damage nerf on slim’s leech gun was unnecessary or at least too much of a nerf? As much as I still love him and play him when medic, it feels he barely doe s any damage anymore especially to the monster he is meant to counter. And is it just me or since his release it seems like he’s gotten not just the damage nerf, but also a nerf to his fire rate. What are your thoughts?


hes rly strong after the last buff

slim bucket maggie markov

just go and defend the relay vs everything but kraken und let the monster tears come


He’s not strong, he heals more and is a lil more accurate if your slow your shots. But he isn’t “stronger”


I agree with optiks… Slims buff has made him a much stronger character. (the heals not the shotgun) IMO damage resistance makes it much more noticeable.

My main issue with your assessment is that slim is quite literally the medic. So while it would be nice to do more damage and feel like I’m punishing the monster for focusing me. I realize that as medic that just ain’t me job. Besides medic shouldn’t be rewarded health and great damage for hitting the monster.

I’m just saying if he has to eat a Nerf any where, so TRS can balance him. I would much rather they trim it off his damage, than off of his spore cloud or his healing. Cause that what makes slim special, forget damage


Slim is a medic, not an assault

Nerf is fine


I mean I wouldn’t mind an offensive minded medic… And slim certainly allows the team to play fast and loose with their health… But ultimately I wouldn’t call him the real “combat” medic… Just a stealthier, more resilient take on caira really… With subjectively better healing, depends on who you are better with

I would love to see an “assault” medic. I don’t think they would help by doing extra damage persay, maybe buff target damage substantially. I think it it should be done though. At this point we have too many conventional healers with val caira and slim


as far as im concerned, slim still outdamages all other medics, by a factor of 1.5 i think.


I would say that has more to do with tube fact that slim HAS to do damage in order to do optimal healing amount… Its literally the only way to get the most out of healing even with an active healing bug… He facilitates a more aggressive team that will pressure monster into submission… But comparably he doesn’t do that MUCH more damage than caira per clip

He just has faster reload/shots and gets more reward out of primary weapon


He definitely does MUCH more damage than caira. Caira has to choose between healing or dealing damage. Slim on the other hand is doing both at the same time. It doesnt matter if a clip from caira does as much damage as a clip from slim. if caira is dps, she is not healing. Slim doesnt have to sacrifice one for the other.


I still think that Slim is a waste if you dont protect Slim well (Hank/Sunny) and if the Monster knows how to break LOS to Slim you wont see that much healing coming in.

Its nice to have Slim but Caira is still far superior as a medic.


Slim’s weakness is a hit and run still monster. You damage a hunter and run away. Damage him again, and run away again. If slim isnt dealing damage, he isnt healing. So you have to constantly keep out of slim’s LoS.


I’m not saying he should do a crap ton of damage like an assault, I’m just saying I believe they over nerfed his leech gun (33% is way too much). And this point even for a medic, I feel he does virtually no damage.


He’s not supposed to deal massive damage. He’s on par with the other medics now.


He’s in a good spot right now. He’s a bit tougher to faceroll by being evasive and he actually has enough heals to encourage some playstyle changes. Toss in spore gun and he actually doesn’t suck. On par with the other medics excluding that failure lazarus.


I think he ment just on par with damage. Laz can deal close to the DPS that Slim can.


Well he should not be on par with Laz, Laz uses a silenced DMR that doesn’t reveal his position. Slim’s shots reveal his location, not to mention the heal pellets that go to his location which is very noticeable to monster even in a spore cloud. And seeing as he’s meant to counter the biggest, strongest and tankiest monster in the game I would think the “little” damage he does do now was a little to much of a nerf especially to fight a behemoth.


But his reason for being in the game is to heal. Why would you want him doing damage on par with another class? Even if his Leech gun did no damage as long as he could heal the same he would be doing his job well. He is a medic who thrives by being somewhat in the fray. Doing damage is technically just a bonus of his kit.


Yes is “main purpose” is to heal. But like you said he had to be in the fray to do his job, and how can he help support his team and defend himself while in the fray if he does not do damage like when he was first released. And again I’m not saying he should do as much as assaults, I’m just saying 33% reduced damage is too much of a nerf, 5, 10, hell maybe even 15% damage nerf would have been more than enough.


Ima just leave this here.

Slims damage doesnt equal the rate of his healing burst recharging


Isn’t this common knowledge? I never said it did, im just saying they nerfed his damage to much, even if he’s a medic he was meant to counter the physically strongest monster in the game. He needs more damage than he has now if he’s gonna do that.