Am I the only one who feels like its cheap to use custom match to elite?


Elite is hard to get, it should be, i feel like elite skins are cheapened by people using their friends to get the skins without putting in the time and effort.


I don’t have any friends :frowning:


I feel that solo grinding elites through custom, no. Having friends sit there so you can get headshots, yes.


Its only cheap if the challenge isn’t something team hindering
Pick up 20 teammates with the medgun?
No, I’m going to keep them alive, no one goes down on my watch.


I’m the same. I’m still working towards my final one excluding T4 – Val’s tranq. Once I’ve got that, I shall smile big because I got 99% of my mastery from skirmishing :smiley:


Well for one thing, it’s unfair to other players to be worrying about completing your masteries during a regular match, it leads to both silly forced mistakes and gimmicky Monster fights, and for two, it’s unreasonable to expect to achieve many of the requirements through playing matches normally, so the least disruptive thing is to just complete masteries on your own time. It’s not cheap to do it through custom solo matches - it still takes several hours of grinding per character; getting from 2nd to 3rd rank with some characters might requires 2-3 hours, 20+ matches even when you’re solely focused on completing them. The cheap way would be to make a custom match with friends, setting everything up to make it effortless - and in that case it also doesn’t make you any better at playing the game - so if that’s what you mean, then yes.


I don’t care if someone boosts in solo, with friends, or gets their elites in public. Personally, though, I don’t like boosting myself or playing solo matches to get my elites. The only time I did was for very difficult requirements that I still hadn’t completed within two weeks while in pubs and was still struggling with. I also never purposely try to get the points during pub matches; I just play the game and let it gain points as I go. I’ve had a Hyde that wouldn’t use anything but his minigun for the entire match for mastery.

I’ve gotten five elites this way, and I feel like it’s the “natural” way to get experienced in your character, but that’s just me. :smile:


nope i find it perfectly fine. yesterday my brother goes.

“hey if were winning this one pretty easily can you die so i can revive you with caira?”

wtf no lol im not potentially throwing the match because you want to elite. screw that.

that is why I only have griffin and parnell elited through just playing the game. i had to do bots for vals. and i dont have ANY other ones. cuz i enjoy the hunt and not a skin.


I hate everything about the mastery system, so I don’t mind if people grind it out through any method they choose. Of course, I only play in custom games with mastery disabled, so my opinion may not count for much in this discussion.


I did the crazy stupid ones in solo mode so as not to hinder anyone else’s game play experience.


I grinded the majority of my elites out in multiplayer. The rest that wasn’t just feasible I grinded in solo customs. I don’t really care how people do it. I find some of them to be ridiculous but then I hear about how some got lowered to stupid easy as well.

I keep hearing people complain about Val but I finished her start to finish all in multiplayer just playing the game naturally in a few days after the game came out.


Some Characters are fine if you do it in Multiplayermodes, but some you just shouldnt do, you will hurt badly your team if you try to do so.

I suggest getting your elite’s in custom games or while playing with friends (online or offline) but not in public games like not getting hurt and throwing just grenades…nope you shouldnt do that.


The other option is to wreck peoples games doing stupid things like trying do stupid things like letting hunters get incaped so you can medgun them back up.


Yes you are. Masteries are useless and hinder the actual game. I rather have people do that in bot matches than actual games.


Except they can be gained through regular play without screwing your team over and being a terrible person. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve gotten the vast majority of my mastery challenges through scrimms, with very few exceptions- like Val’s Tier 2 Sniper damage or Caira’s Tier 3 Napalm challenge.


I’m okay with people doing custom matches for masteries because doing so you can learn what works and doesnt work in the safety of a custom match rather than online and hurting your team. Also since the masteries actually buff your stuff you would also be shooting your team in the foot because take for example two hydes of equal skill can take the role but one has full mastery buffs and the other doesnt which would do better? So best to get all mastered so you are using the character at their full potential.


I only farm my elites in Match Making hunt mode. Although I only have 6 elites atm. Takes forever that way. ^.-


I will say this and only this about boosting.

I will NOT let my teammates get downed in a public match on purpose just so I can HOPE to get a Revive while the monster is being hit by my Spore Cloud as Slim 50 mother f**kin times.

That is stupid as hell.


Well even if I don’t do it, I don’t feel like the elite requirements are something to be proud of or something, they pretty much mean nothing and bring nothing to the table. Like seriously why would I wait for people to go down and revive them with a medgun when I can just keep them topped off ?
Or using the orbital at long range when it is already hard to aim, and supposed to be used for area denial, burst on cc/evolving monster or something. I don’t know, it just feels terrible to me…


Because they give an advantage over not having them. An advantage which should not be there in the first place and is the opposite of an competitive game with even playing field. Which is stupid af.