Am I the only one who believes these might be problems with Evolve


I just have a few problems with Evolve and I’m just curious if anyone else has the same issues. I think Evolve is a great game, in fact its the one of two games i even currently play, but due to the fact that all hunter teams wonk consist of MLG players it feels a little unbalanced.

The 2 times down then insta death mechanic is game breaking for me. The hunters are broken if one dies or isn’t contributing is a helpful fashion; so the prospect that if you go down twice you are now subject to no more revives, it kills a team. I no longer play as the monster because it is far to easy. Being able to down hunters on my way to stage three and then at that point, when I’m at my most powerful, they go down permanently after a few hits, its not fun for me and after the game the hunters had no fun either. This isn’t helped by the fact that even if not pounced your jet-pack is such a watered down toy that it is impossible to escape the monster, so in that situation you just down the medic, then support, then assault and finally trapper. Even with tournaments I watch with professional hunters, the monster always seems to get the best of them. Especially by the end where the go down permanently.

These are my main issues with Evolve and the mass majority of strangers I manage to find myself in a game with full heatedly agree. As a not game developer I’m sure that the developers had numerous test a plays to determine the insta death mechanic and the Walmart jet-packs but in my experience and the experiences of other, it doesn’t seem to work.

I believe that by decreasing jet-pack recharge time, increasing its capacity by a little, and eliminating the insta death idea, with this i believe we can have a much more balanced game. But what the hell do i know everything i’m saying might be a load of bull shit( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Thank you for your time and consideration.

Also please god the Wraith is extremely, unfairly over powered. Forget everything i just said, the decoy sometimes does more damage than the Wraith itself and that working in tandem with its speed make it, in my opinion, the biggest current problem in any game. That probably sounds extreme but you know its a problem when whenever a Wraith show up in the character select every player sighs and you can only recall one time you won against one. Please address this.

PS: not April fools joke


Did you seriously just ask for monster armor not to block health damage at the end there? April fools? Not sure it’s worth writing a responce to the rest now :confused:


Yeah that was getting a little greedy. Let me fix that.


I over half the time play with randoms, and would bet I win over 50% of my games. I really don’t think monsters need any nerfs. You will see buffs coming to monsters before a Nerf.


Actually, monsters are winning 65% of the time at level 40 compared to hunters at 35%. (Hunt mode, no bots) Data inferred from telemetry.


I got a feeling it just damn hard to please everyone. ATM we currently got some threads of ppls saying it is impossible to play monsters at lvl40 and how OP new hunters are. If the telemetry shows they have to do something but I have no idea how they gonna Nerf goliath as he is arguably the most balanced ( some will say to a point where he lacks any strength) character in the game so hunters can get that extra omph.


The one thing I’ve felt since the first time I played the game all the way up until now several hundred hours later is that jetpacks can be annoyingly impotent, like these are some shoddy mass-market variety of jetpacks. You can get a lot of clever dodging and repositioning out of them in fights (jetpack booster is awesome), but chasing the Monster around the map is mostly Man vs. Jetpack.


Yeah it is, like i still don’t know why the smart pistol is in Titanfall but i guess i might just see some things differently to some people. And on the side of nerfing the Goliath, i’m totally against that. My problem doesn’t lie with the monsters being far to overpowered, infarct i think the Behemoth is under-powered and except for the Wraith, but with the hunters feeling so frail and unless at some points. I just want it to feel equally as fulfilling to play as the hunters as it is to play as the monster. When i loose a game as a monster i know its was due to my mistakes because the game provided me with all of the necessary abilities to win but sometimes loosing as the hunters just leaves me with this bullshit feeling. I know that’s about as veg as it gets but i hope you at least are able to understand where i’m coming from. Thank you, have a nice day.


A highly skilled monster that knows the maps inside out is impossible to kill, no matter how good your hunters. This game does have some serious balance issues, but that’s just how it is. Lost ten games in a row tonight to the best monster we’ve ever played. Never saw him at stage 1 or any good tracks, stage 2 in less than a minute, pew pew pew, a few marks, stage 3, instant death. Haha it was fun at first, but then it wasn’t. Best solution is to just get out of that lobby and find a monster that isnt satan himself! Or go play something else. It’s just a game.

My recommended balance adjustment would be make the hunters a little faster or more jet pack boost, maybe even another mark. Would also be helpful if the hunters know what monster they are fighting. I need to know if someone picks the kraken so I can leave the lobby. I hate you kraken…


Regardless of the rest of the topic, I agree about the jetpacks. It seems lately that developers are terrified of adding powerful jetpacks into games. We saw this with Tribes: Ascend, Titanfall’s double jump barely counts as a jetpack, CoD: AW’s jetpack was god-awful, and Evolve’s jetpacks just lack any real oomph. I want a jetpack like the one in the intro! Lots of power, immense thrust, hover capable, high capacity.

Maybe shoehorning that kind of jetpack into the current game would be an awful idea, but for Evolve 2, I want MANPACKS! (And there’d better be an Evolve 2, this series has a lot of places it can go now that Turtle Rock has gotten its feet on the ground and shipped a massive product.)


I agree that there is some problem with balance, but not like OP/UP type of balance. I can’t quite put my fingers on it, i guess the best i can come up with is ‘unstable’. The feeling is like trying to balance a pencil on its tip. When it balances, the feeling is very wonderful, but most of the time you just get frustrated trying to do it - and you’d rather not do it. I think some core mechanic of the game must be changed to alleviate this, not individual hunters/monsters.


That would be way worse for Monsterplayers. Hunters are already able to hover long enough over your head to make you cry sometimes. Even more so with Sunny in the pool now.

Urgh, please no. If you get to the point of having downed a Hunter 3! consecutive times, you better be rewarded by it or punished as a Hunterplayer for that matter.
Without the 3 strike death mechanic fighting a good team of Hunters would just be… well, nigh to impossible.

Decoy might still be an issue against average teams, she possibly needs some tweaking in those damage increase numbers.

I’d suggest to keep at it. Every once in a while you’ll play a good premade that makes more than up for all the pug lobbies you emptied out before. Maybe even look for some decent Hunters in the forum to set up some custom games until we get proper matchmaking and ranked play.