Am I the only one that LOVES Val' tranq dart?


Vals tranq dart is probably to me the most fun thing to do in the game, esp when the monster has no armor and is more vulnerable to them as well? God i just love what it does to monsters its amazing. The other day i played val, with my group and we engaged a stage 2 monster in dome and took out its armor, it began to run after dome and here comes the tranqs, we constantly tranqd and stasised the monster and was able to walk by its side and take out half of his health to kill him, it was amazimg


No. You are not.



Rose misses 1 in every 500… So bad. -.-
She made me cry that one time she missed that 1 dart.


I hate it!
Slowed down for 10 whole seconds -.-
It suxs m8


Finally a Val love thread. Her tranq gun is the bee’s knees. I always put quick switch on her so I can keep the monster doped up.

I love the satisfying “clink” when someone hits your weakspot, and watching the damage stack.


I think Tranq is interesting and cool. I think it’s too spammable.

That you can perma-tranq a monster trying to flee combined with any trapper; and mortar/nuke abilities that take significant advantage when you are slow… bothers me.

Yay perpetual movement deprevation and massive damage rain of death.

I would like to see it…
Have a diminished returns when used repeatedly (you build up a tolerance) in a spam-like fashion. Perhaps a 2 second cut per shot if shot multiple times a minute.


Whenever I’m forced to play Val, I find myself using only the Tranq Gun and Medi-Gun, almost never use the sniper rifle. I feel like there’s not enough ‘reward’ or whatever you want to call it for using the rifle, compared to Val’s other two weapons


The best feeling ever is when the monster is tranqed, the team is mostly fully healthed, and peppered with weakpoints, and then you hear that BEAUTIFUL sound of PING PING PING PING PING PING PING PING PING PING, of your team smashing the weakpoints and melting the monster. Oh it feels soo good.


Old term you’re using there…


it’s not just her tranq gun it’s her med gun as well. shes my fav medic.


I love it, because it’s the reason people pick Val,
and when they pick Val, I know every fight will be in my favor. :smiley:

As long as I don’t get tranq’d when I just staged up…


No armor monsters are more vulnerable to the darts?


Its because then everyone knows where you are and you cant run cuz your butt is slowed like mad





The rife is so badass though, its like putting headshots all over the monster lol


I dont know for sure but thats how it feels to me when i use val against a monster


I love using quick switch as support but i love reload speed with val, it just makes that sniper so much more deadly, headshots everywhere haha


Val use to be hard enough to play against, but now with the increased tranq time combined with people’s obsession of spamming tranq darts. No I don’t love Val’s tranq darts


But then you also get the lack of heal that goes in your favor, im assuming your a monster player


Im not saying she cant heal but she cant heal like slim and caira