Am I the only one that is unhappy with Slim's new spores?


So in a couple of the streams yesterday we saw slim get played either as a bot or player a couple of times. Naturally the spore cloud will get used and I really dislike this new version. It is more like a bomb rather than a cloud and it lasts much shorter than it did before.


#Finally, my beautiful Gorgon will not have to suffer through those clouds.


Yes, you are the only one. I love the new ones, they are so much less distracting, which is good for both teams since they were just straight up annoying before. Im pretty sure they are the same duration too, still seems like 5 seconds. By the looks of it his healing has been improved, so Im going to be happy if Slim becomes balanced, since he is a really fun medic.


I don’t think they were that bad to begin with, but that’s just me.


They weren’t, and I’m a horrible Monster player but I never had a hard time with them.


Those tiny particles were very annoying. Not OP, just really distracting.


Never bothered me.

“Slim” only bothered me when it was slim
Plus sunny nukes in my face
Plus Jacks opaque repulsor wall
Plus Hyde melting my face.

Then i gouged my eyes out.

Slim on his OWn though? Stop sniffing, stop washing out colors, tada- Visible little eatable things. On MOST maps in MOST places. Some got rough. Over vegetated areas, or particularly dark spots, but enh. The general “visual information” is usually enough to keep tabs of whats going on for me- Green pellet trails going to slim, who lights up like a christmas tree when he BOOM, Healing bursts, markov/hyde/etc all have super distint visual trails. Hank/sunny/whatever give nice big beams to follow right back to them.


I prefer the new version. The cloud form had to large of a radius


The way spore clouds currently work means that I as a hunter can lose the monster in them and that should not be happening.

Slim directly nerfs my vision. I can find the hunters better as a monster through the spore cloud than I can find the monster as a hunter if he isn’t in my face.

The new spore cloud looks way less distracting.


What should be happening?


Well its supposed to be a hindrance to the monster but instead it makes me lose the monster.