Am I stuck in Trash Teir?

I am stuck in hunter Trash Teir. Why can I not easily re rank? Am I supposed to be stuck here and buy obviously more powerful hero’s, so powerful that they cannot even be found or upgraded in the evolve mobile game. (seriously it’s post season one and my girl is feeling useless and ignored when we game together).

What’s even the point of selling this game to my friends? My rank is set in stone and I’m inviting them in for a trash tier extravagansa.

Ok I now three fellow badasses now let’s stomp. Ok bronze elite ftw here we go. Alright that’s 20 points per victory with 200000 points to go at about 20 points per 10 min because we only win right. Omg I’m inclined to use profanity.
Ok you screws us on a buggy launch
Ok you screwed us with broken updates
Ok you have uber weak customization
Ok you have a solid game when it works
^to the point I would even complain about it instead of flame-and-forget
Ok start thinking like players and not sales people for Battleboarn. C’mon you want this Title on your resume or not!?

You do know bronze destroyer highest rank in bronze is like 2k points and unless you lose all your starting battles you should be almost or higher than it already. You state broken updates and launch yet you seem to be very new to the game from you forum time so how would you know.

the reason you should sell it to your friends is exactly so that you can get out of bronze as you will all be working together and communicating. also they tend to balance everything so there’s no pay to win here

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Dude, calm down.
If you play LoL, yeah Bronze is bad.
But in Evolve it’s the average.

In fact, what TRS should had done is to add a bracket under bronze just so people don’t think it’s the worst just because it’s the lowest of the available tiers.

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Buy more powerful heros?

Iron Bronze Silver Gold Platinum?

Why are you upset I dont follow. Because you find it hard to rank up?

Hold on 1 sec I’ve gotten a headache reading that OK!

The new hunters aren’t actually any better than others. Matter of fact, most of the professional evolve players still run some of the original characters because their just overall better against any monster. (Markov for example).

Sometimes when a new character comes out it seems OP but in reality people need to adjust to a different playstyle. You can’t Bhatt wraith and behemoth the same way. It doesn’t work.


Yeah I prefer the originals apart from Sunny she’s very good too,I guess torvald is again good but on the whole their still as good if not better than the new ones.

the wood league <3

Take it from me Steve, Evolve divides opinion I’ve been like you pissed off with the game but sometimes you just have play it for what it is and you’ll have a far more better time playing it!

Also play with a few people add them if their any good,evolve with a coordinated team is like day and night a different experience all together!

Dlc hunters aren’t “obviously more powerful heroes”

I’ve played this game for about 900 hours now without ever really playing any of the dlc characters ^^

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I like markov, Lennox(fav), Lazarus(fav), Val, slim, all the trappers (Griffin is fav though), and bucket, Cabot(fav) and hank.

Monster wise, I usually pick according to map but I think it’s
Behemoth, wraith, kraken, meteor goliath, then goliath

Depends who you end up against. My friend lost 1 Determining match and ended up in Bronze (I think Bronze Elite). I lost 3 and was placed in Silver Skilled.

gold tier
silver tier
bronze tier
tin foil hat tier lol

I bet 400+ of those are on Caira alone xD

Only 400? :smile:

I really do appreciate the feed back you guys are straight up turning my onion of the cumin it’s around. but I lost track of my main point and would like to focus there.
Why is there no option to clear your rank and at least re rank? Am I just clearly bottled up and can also not locate it?

Community* damn you internet filth citations