Am i seeing things or is bucket REALLY hard to down


Does he have higher health or resistance then the other hunters?
It takes so many hits to down a bucket


You’re seeing things


There may be a little glitch right now that makes hunters un-downable. I was in a game with @Harry_Ellis where Hyde went undamageble without his shield. The monster was beating on him forever with no result. It is quite possible this happened for the bucket you fought - health and innate defensive values are constant across all hunters.


Or that bucket just took damage resistance perk?


Yes I posted a video of the “glitch” on the Beta technical feedback thread… How rude of me not mentionning you @Takran :heart:


Not rude at all! I’m glad you caught it on camera. Thanks for taking care of that!


I kinda thought it was a hack but people don’t do that do they?


No Bucket is just a god, so no wonder you’re not able to take him down!