Am i missing something?

I just missed two challenges because i locked myself out of the evolve website. That being said i also never got a thread notification until after we won. WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THE CHALLENGE NEWS THREADS?! For every other challenge i got notified before hand. So did people just stop making the news threads or am i missing something.

It was here o_o


All the news threads are pinned and should appear at the top of the list but regardless there are a lot of pinned topics so you should always scroll down or search for these topics.

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are they always under gameplay?

There were sooo many threads :0

They may be different but it’s like @BehemothOrigins said.

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Do I get regular now :smiley:


If I had the power, I would give you the title :smile:

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They’re usually pinned globally.

Okay well that just means im missing them (can you close this for me please?) Thanks for the help! ^u^


Sorry, I know this is closed, but-

@EyelessWolf They’re always in the general category, as I recall.

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