Am I missing something here? (Skin question)


The first day that I logged into “Evolve Stage 2” there was a pink Lazarus skin (my friend even pointed it out so I know it wasn’t a glitch), but now it isn’t there. Was it deleted from the game :disappointed_relieved:?


Probably just rotated out of the store. It should be back again later. :slight_smile:


The store rotates?


I believe so since the R Abe skins were available and are now gone.

Could also be a bug. :bug:


If it is a bug could somebody change the category to bug?


@snowkissed Any idea if this is a bug or intentional?


He was accidentally released for a bit - too early! He will be out in the future though :slight_smile:


:cold_sweat: ok, thank you.


Much appreciated. :slight_smile:


Question answered!