Am I being queued with wrong people/in a wrong queue?



I posted this question on 2K forums days ago and there was no respond, I guess that forum is dead.

I live in central Europe and I am being queued with Chinese/Korean players every single match. It increases the ping issue as well. How do I fix this?

Are there no other players except Chinese?


What is your steam region set to? Also was this in Hunt or Ranked?


You were right, my Steam did change its download region to China. Thanks a lot!

I did not run into a game that pulls Steam’s download region for queueing yet. (it was both hunts and ranked)


Do you have any information on why have they made this decision on chosing server region based on steam downloads?
Isn’t it possible to make it in game or at the very list have this information more easily acessbile so more people may not have their experience ruined by such a small detail?