Am I a dillhole? Wraith


So uh Yeah like the title says. I play wraith and I am pretty damn good at it. I seem to keep getting other hunters angry, so they rage. Now in the sense of Trolling or just basically making their efforts in vain. I usually tend to evolve to level 3, then repeatedly kill 3 hunters leaving one alive until the dropship timer runs out. I seem to drag each match out at least 20-25 minutes. I even had one hunter kill himself in 2 games just to end what I was doing lol. So tell me, what do you think. Dillhole or NOT.


I win almost every game as a monster. Wraith is not OP, most hunters simply suck at the game. Like, really badly.

I specifically avoid the wraith most of the time so that the hunters don’t complain about losing to an OP creature and maybe put some thought into honing their strategies. You’re not a ‘dillhole’ because the hunters shouldn’t be letting you run freely until stage 3 anyways. A decent team of hunters should be very capable of dealing damage to a monster that’s entirely focused on stage 3.

It’s a terrible strat to simply tunnel vision to stage 3, and you winning with it speaks wonders about the general level of skill most players posses. The Wraith is so squishy it’s extremely simple to drop it to less than half HP before S3 withoyut incuring any losses if all it does is run.


That’s what I am saying! I have played again several good teams that managed to almost kill me because they constantly kept track of the monster. Even when I am a hunter and fight a wraith it’s usually how well the team works Together that depicts the outcome. Or, the monster on The other hand, no matter What type.


Definitely a Dillhole.

If you’re so good at it, why don’t you engage on your way to stage 3 to keep things interesting? It’s not fair to stall the game for hunters if you’ve ABSOLUTELY got the win. You’re the one who’s making all of these hunters plead for a Wraith nerf.


I don’t take it as stalling to get to stage 3, isn’t that the point as the monster? If anything the hunters should be good enough to track me before evolving. I engage before stage 3 if necessary. Until then the hunters have a primary aadvantage. The wraith and or any of the other monsters/hunters are only good if the player is as well. Even if/when the wraith is nerfed, experienced players that are good excluding myself will still ultimately win if the hunters can not kill us.


No no no. You stalling to get to stage three is not the problem-- it’s actually a very valid tactic for the monster.

The problem is when you purposefully do this, and I quote:

That’s the problem here. End the match. Don’t be a “Dillhole”.


Can’t believe I read this thread.


Why though? You are only kind of being a dillhole to yourself. What wait till you stage up if they are that bad? I never evolve as a Goliath. I will go get armor and then scope out an area to fight. But why waste my time evolving if I know I am going to destroy them.


Lol true! I will agree with that.


Yeah, you are.


I just like playing as a stage 3 monster. Plus The wraith has a super small defensive shield so I need to have more health. Not only that, I’m not the best in the world, and one of my losses come from underestimating the hunter team. I’ve found that just because I’m not being track doesn’t mean the opposing team sucks. They could be possible waiting for me to come to them. So in retrospect I evolve to stage 3 for the best chance of winning.


Wait, if it is about winning than why dont you win and than start another match so you can go win again sooner?


I haven’t lost as monster yet I came close, I’ve only evolved to stage 3 like three times. Dragging it out to stage 3 is pointless and annoying I hate wraiths which can’t even fight at any other stage lol.


To me it’s not just about winning, don’t get me wrong I don’t like to loss. I just enjoy how helpless I can make the hunters. IE: leaving one alive until the dropship timer runs out.


Wraiths can win at any stage, just like the other monsters. It’s just important to pick your engagements. I’m a big fan of abducting people into the water with a Tyrant, or giving my position away so that I could run around the back and pick off the slowest hunter.


You are increasing your chance to lose though. Yesterday we beat a wraith player, well he raged quit, after doing the emxact same thing you were doing. One of our players decided to turn on a mic after the first wipe. This allowed us to coordinate a lot better. We trapped him and got him with a good harpoon, stasis, and orbital and some coordinated arena movement. Once he was at a quarter health he raged quit and we ended up killing the bot.


I love abducting players in mid air lol. It’s extremely pleasing. Your tatic is quite appealing though, I’ll have to try it.


That’s why I evolve and in the process of repeatedly killing hunters I also destroy the power relay In such The case of almost dying i Just get my armor back And hit It 2 or 3 mores times to win. Always have a back Up plan. But if i lose i lose. Just need to adjust my tatics for next time.


Do you enjoy sneaking and eating wildlife for 10-20 minutes? If you do than that is fine. I dont. And like @Vicis said you are more than capable to engage at stage one with wraith if you can get better. This makes the game more fun earlier and makes you a more skilled player. And if you mess up and make a mistaks and lose, then like you said “But if i lose i lose. Just need to adjust my tatics for next time.”. Use this logic to make the game more fun and at the same time increase you skill. You are being more of a dillhole to yourself by wasting time than them.


Yes, you are. If you can end it, end it. Toying with people deliberately is sadistic.