Always be able to chat and skill descriptions during the waiting period


Hey there, Great game love playing it! But a few suggestions, the chat gets cut off at weird times like during loading screens and things. You can bring it up and type in but the message isn’t displayed or you can’t bring up the chat bar. If it is possible you please make the chat bar a part of the interface as long as you are matched with a team? Really sucks not to be able to strategize with my team while we wait for loads or say GG after a match!

Also, not being able to see a brief description of skills when I select my dude or while I wait for others to pick is a bit annoying as if I get a new character, I don’t know what the skills do! It has flavor text at the bottom but just a simple “here’s precisely what this does” for each discrete skill would be nice. It does show that during the loading screen but it only switches over to it when the map is already almost loaded so it only shows very briefly.



yes these are all points which could be improved.