Alternative to Mobile Arena


I think it would be cool if the third trapper had an alternative to the mobile arena. Something that had a similar purpose (trapping the monster) but went about it in a totally different way. Or even maybe a small variant on the mobile arena. Like instead of throwing it, it’s like a mine that gets triggered when the monster is nearby and forms an arena. Anyone else have any other ideas for alternatives?


Would be cool if the next trapper is called the carpenter and his arena is a little white picket fence and maybe a shrubbery :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Mobile airstrike? xD


The mobile arena is something the trapper class has, they won’t change that i think. It’s like the assault personal shield or the medic burst heal.


Maybe you’re right and there should be consistency between each class, but changing any of those things could totally change the way the game is played. Take Lazarus for example. The way his healing works totally switches up the game. If they added a small twist to any of the classes consistent abilities (medics burst heal, personal shield, mobile arena, supports shielding) it would totally change the way the game is played which I think would be awesome because new strategies could emerge and each game would be even more different than the last.


True, maybe they can add something in the future that allows you too select what class ability you want. Would make the game much more diffrent indeed :slight_smile:


The mobile arena is a universal class ability, and is pretty central to the way the game is played. It would be extremely difficult to make an alternative in any way other than possibly visual sty;e, in which case readability would also be a concern. While I’m all for variety in classes, the class abilities are a core piece what helps make each class cohesive to it’s own identity. Think of it as a baseline of a class’s move set.

That said, a character with an ability that interacts with the arena could be cool. Maybe a trapper with some kind of gravity device that can change the circumstances within the arena. Like maybe increase or decrease gravity, or push and pull to and from the walls. Lots of possibilities for character design. Who knows what we will see next?


You’re probably right that they couldn’t change any of the core abilities but it would be cool, like you said, if other abilities could interact with the mobile arena. I just think it would be fun to switch things up, but I guess the changes couldn’t be too drastic or it would totally change the way the game is played.