Alternative for "take a break" in hunt 2.0


You all know there are glitches in this game.
And many of them can be fixed by using the “Take a break” option. Like not being able to use abilities after an evolve, health/armor bar not updating, being stuck in geometry, being stuck in an ability animation (like abduction) ect

The problem is, this option is not available in ranked hunt. (and it should be like that, we don’t want bots to get points for you). Neither is there a vote for restart.
We just need an alternative!
Something like “reset controls” to fix those glitches/bugs in hunt 2.0

Like in every racing game. When you get too far off road or land on your head you press a button and the game resets you, so you can keep playing.

It’s just so frustrating losing a match because of such a glitch. Needless to say this just happened to me -_-


Going off course is easy to react to as you define what the course is. A glitch is something that shouldn’t be in the game to begin with so I don’t know how you can tell the game that this is a glitch when it isn’t supposed to be in it. If they did say “this is a glitch” it would just be resolved because they identified the cause.


I think they’d be better off just fixing the glitches than implementing this :stuck_out_tongue:


Like if the ‘take a break’ button only worked for a second, and then put the player back in control?


Well this would be a temporary workaround while they work on fixing the glitches?


IDK, it just seems like adding a manual bug reset button would be weird and another fix might be easier in some way.

I don’t know for sure though.


They already have take a break it might require some futzing around to make it work like they’re suggesting but faster than figuring out how to stop the bugs from happening in the first place and it’d give them more time to fix the bugs that take a break fix.


Which is why I hate Hunt 2.0 right down to the core of my twerking heart! I’ve had close to a few dozen matches (both sides) where I’d lost because of a bug. Bugs that could’ve been less horrid if I were able to T.A.B. and then return.


This is exactly what I had thought. Just make the take a break function in Ranked turn itself off right after you activate it. If devs suggest this as a quick fix they might as well implement it in all modes.


Not only would this be a temporary workaround for the current bugs, but it would also help for upcoming bugs that we don’t know about yet.
This thing where your armor/health bar don’t update anymore only happened to me after the gorgon update (I think) and there will probably some new bugs in the next updates, too.

Like, what if the new support had a shield charger and when you play two rounds in a row you still have your shield applied from the last round. Oh wait, this is already a thing…


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