Alternative fire mode weapons


Hi there!

I think that right now there aren’t any weapons with alternative fire mode. I think that could be great: A plasma cannon with rapid fire or huge beam fire; a weapon that can fire laser, or create an energy shield with the alternate fire, a grenade launcher that can detonate the grenades with the alternate fire button… so many possibilities.

What do you think about future hunters with this kind of weapons? Will be there some of that in the future?


It would be interesting, but then it might upset balance too much. I.E. a hunter now has 5 abilities (Technically) instead of 4. If they did do something along this route, I would assume that it would be few and very far between.


I think that would be a really cool idea for recovering “dead” inventory slots like Daisy for Maggie, where the button just does nothing, maybe make switching into alt-fire mode take as long as a normal weapon swap, and be effected by any relevant perks.