Alternative abilities for Hunters and Monsters for a more diverse gameplay!

Hello fellow Hunters and Huntresses!

After many hours and wonderfull battles played, i’ve noticed that there aren’t many
possible strategies or combo’s to use for both monsters and hunters.
And in my opinion, it limits the greater potentional this game can reach.
So thats why i have been thinkering the last couple of weeks and came up with alternative abilities for
both hunters and monsters which fits their characters.

For example, most of Goliath’s abilities evolves (pun intended) around AoE and Knockback damage that has a fire based theme.
Now follow those same AoE and Knockback abilities, give them different executions and tadaaa,
you got yourself a completely new set of abilities that roughly follows the same principles of his original abilities, but are now executed completely different!

What i am trying to suggest, isn’t too add fixed sets alternatives or more abilities beside each other, i was trying to give us more abilities to combine into your own set.

Lets say, we currently have 1 set, lets call it for convenience SET A. Now what i am suggesting is that we get more abilities too choose from so we can create our own combination. So we add another pair of sets, called set A,B and C.

Now for example,
Monster player 1 wants a combination of A-A-B-C
Monster player 2 wants a combination of B-C-A-A
And Monster player 3 wants a combination of C-B-C-A

Thats what i am trying too suggest! Give us more abilities so we can create our own combination for Monsters and Hunters!

Now these abilities are by no way the best idea’s, but they are just idea’s none the less.
But now i want YOU to upload your own idea’s! So show me how creative you are in your own idea’s
for the best set of alternative abilities for your favorite Hunter/Monster!

(P.S. please don’t pick on my naming ability, i know its horrible! :tired_face:)




  • Rock Throw
  • Leap Smash
  • Fire Breath (gaseous)
    The fire breath has a shorter range than normal, but does now increased damage based on the distance the monster is to the target. (between 50% - 150% dmg)
  • Charge


  • Fire Bomb
    Passive: loads 1 charge every 6 seconds. Holds max 3 charges.
    Active: The bomb explode on impact, damaging and distrupting targets. The ability can be charged to shoot all bombs together, which will cause the combined damage, knockback and also ignites the target.
  • Skin Combustion
    The goliath charges his skin for 2 sec. His whole body then combust a powerfull explosion, which deals damage and knockback targets.
  • Fire Breath (liquefied)
    Deals a standard amount of damage but is now shot a arc with longer range.
  • metabolism charge
    The Goliatch temporary charges his metabolism for 5 sec, giving him increased movement and scaling speed



  • Lightning Strike
  • Banshee Mines
    Will now be fired in a arc instead of a straight line
  • Aftershock
  • Vortex


  • Lightning Cannon
    The Kraken fixates in its positions, while he gains 3 charged shots. if he hits the same target 3 times, the target also becomes stunned for 2 sec.
  • Banshee Traps
    The kraken plants traps into the ground, that are similiar too plant traps. If a target walks onto it, they become “ensnared” and take dmg until either killed or rescued.
  • Lightning Tether
    The kraken charges similiar like the aftershock, but instead of dmg they are ensnared instead for 5 sec. The tethers can only be shot off by allies that are un-snared.
  • Vortex Bomb
    The kraken shoots forward a charged ball of electricity, dealing minor dmg on the way to the area. Once it hits solid ground, the bomb goes off, dealing damage and knockbacks targets.



  • Warp Blast
    The warp blast becomes a charged ability, which can be detonate instantly or charged for 4 sec, dealing increased damage depending on the charged time.
  • Abduction
    This ability now deals damage based on distance traveled.
  • Decoy
    The decoy now only deals half damage, but it doesnt flicker untill it has taken enough damage.
  • Super Nova
    Deals increased damage whilst also receiving increased damage.


  • Sonic Shock
    The Wraith releases an immediate explosion from its body, dealing minor damage but does huge knockback.
  • Body Swap
    instead of abducting 1 target, its switches places with 1 target.
  • Body Double
    The wraith makes a imperfect clone of itselfs, which deals no damage but can mimick all of the wraith abilities once.
  • Big Chill
    The wraith condenses the area around him, receiving less damage but at the cost of movement and attack speed.



  • Lava Bomb
  • Tongue Grab
  • Fissure
  • Rock Wall


  • Lava Spew
    Behemoth spews forward a stream of lava, dealing initial dmg and leaves behind a puddle of lava that deals dmg and slows down targets.
  • Magma Snare
    Behemoth spits out a cooled magma blob, that completly hardens upon contant with surface. If it hits a target, said target becomes completely immobile for 5 sec unless a ally shoots him free.
  • Termor Strike
    Behemoth strikes an area in a cone, which becomes unstable for 10 sec. Every 2 seconds a tremor is released dealing dmg and knockbacks targets.
  • Rock Shield
    Instead of creating a wall, Behemoth covers his body in a halved rock dome for 10 sec.


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Assault Section

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Medic Section

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Trapper Section

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Support Section

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Special Abilities Section

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Player Idea’s section

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Player Idea’s section #2

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Now I have to.


Allright my first section is finally up, hope you guys like it!

Instead of alternatives I thought of 1 new ability that each monster could have

Goliath: Call of the Wild- goliath beats his chest which summons three reavers that charge at a hunter that you targeted with your cursor

Kraken: EMP- kraken charges up and releases a field of energy that knocks back hunters and jams their jetpacks for a few seconds

Wraith: syphon- wraith shoots out a ghost figure that goes through a hunter and comes back giving her more armor

Behemoth: mud trap- behemoth stabs the floor which creates a river of mud. He can control the direction of this to target a hunter and if it hits the hunter cannot move for 8 seconds or shorter if the hunter keeps pressing the space bar

Just think about the combos the monsters could have with these

Emp aftershock. Op please nerf

Golaith alternatives set 1

Combo (instead of charge)

Works like the basic attack but he swings garter faster and does more damage for like maybe 3 seconds and the more hits he lands the faster and more damage he deals, like combos is other video games everywhere

Combustion (instead of flame breath)

Causes the area around him to combust into flames that stay on the ground like a lava bomb and all hunters caught inside of it are set on fire

Crippler (instead of leap smash)

You launch yourself at the hunter and if you land it then it deals a good amount of damage and reduces they’re movement speed by 50% until they are healed by ether regen or the medic, doesn’t have to go all the way back up to full health just has to be close

Catapult (instead of rock throw)

You grab a hunter and throw them up in the air behind you which disrupts beems, can be used on multiple hunters, if they stand right next to eachother and deals damage depending on where they land, while thrown in the air jet pack is disabled until they touch the ground

Goliath alternative set 2

Roar (instead of flame breath)

Cause all wildlife within a 60 meter proximity to become hyper aggressive and go after the hunters, even obsidian grubs, larger creatures are more resistant to it and require a closer proximity

Repulse (replaces charge)

Sets out waves of something that pushes away all the hunters around you disrupting all abilies the hunters are using but dealing very low damage

Rake (replaces something)

For three seconds golaiths basic attack mark all the hunters he hits highlighting them in red and making them take bleed damage until healed

RIP (replaces something)

Causes all dead bodies in a proximity of 30 meters to combust and blast hunters away if they are standing close enough, can be used to stop a Lazarus revive and paired with roar can be very effective

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Not really it should take a few seconds to charge up

You act like I had some way of knowing this, it doesn’t exist

Shhh it does my friend , it does

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What’d you think of my idea

They were all right but I like the combustion ability the best