Alternate melee spam fix for behemoth


I was just pondering when something hit me. A long cc on slow old behemoth is rather frustrating and unfun and only makes harpoons much meaner against him when they already were brutal. Why not just move the timer to AFTER you initate roll rather then before? Once you enter roll you just can’t immediatly break it. Fixes melee roll cycle spam in the same way. It would let behemoth properly follow melee targets again, prevent a ton of free reload time for the next griffin time, and it would leave some mutual counterplay for both sides when it comes to poons. Behemoth would have to plan to escape towards griffin while good griffins time to poon on start up of the roll similar to what they do to golaths.

It would be that little boost that would both do what the devs want while reducing player frustration simultaniously and not leaving behemoth quite as open as it currently does. They could even just leave stamina grey until the cooldown to break roll is up.


Another alternative is just a timer to prevent any melee regardless of roll status from being done before he normally would but presumably that might be harder thanks to the behind the schenes groundwork or else it probably would have been the first choice.


i think the whole stamina reduction for behemoth should be taken away, especially since sometimes there are issues with rolling. Rolling the wrong way or rolling slowly not picking up any speed. having to reset and switch directions hurts your stamina. sidenote: I feel like there should be a reduction on CC thats used over and over, like val’s tranq on behemoth…oh boy do i walk slow.


or possibly change val’s tranq all together, the monster gets slower with the more tranqs the monster gets shot into him. @MacMan personally i think 1 old little tranq in the big bad behemoth is just a mosquito bite. :smile:


Val’s already so spread out on her kit. Just no. Anyway it’s poons thst are behemoths killer not slows.


Meh if thats how you feel then i think poons dont need to be changed you just smack it once and its broken, whats so hard about that?QQ heres a tissue.


What platform are you on. The issue I’m talking about is pc only because a full second lockout applies on every behemoth attack on melee. This isn’t even about stamina and slows on behemoth were already addressed.


ok im on xbox bye


tbh I think its both


It’s a code patch according to the notes for pc only so as far as I know it’s not.