"Alternate" keybindings


Would LOVE it if I could do “alternate” keybindings. “Ability 4. Input: 4. Alternate Input: Mouse 3”

Something nearly EVERY game has.


@Azmi_Anuar Didn’t you talk about this a while back too?


I strongly believe that this is something that we should talk about more.

OH, my gawd yess… You mean for it to be like this right?

I have a lot actually, but I’ve never gotten any dev to respond to it (or the many comments I made about it) so I stopped talking about it because I thought they didn’t give crap.
Which is saddening because this is something virtually every game has, also may I add.
Each monster plays so differently that the default ‘one input keybind’ made some monsters very clunky if you’re binding your keys to fit a particular monster’s playstyle eg. Kraken to any other monster is just very clunky and weird.

The only one input is less noticeable and contracting on the hunters because they’re all the same cycle, and play like most tradition FPS. The monsters however need to have this option, but I don’t see why it shouldn’t bee implemented for both sides.

@Sidewaysgts or anyone who cares on the matter, feel free to check out this thread on where I talked more in depth about why I think that they should’ve had this feature,