Alternate HUD's (separate to no UI topic.)



Now, soothe your scorched retinas (sorry, my ShotoPhop/MS Paint skills are…Nonexistent <.< ) and feat your eyes.

I think it’d be cool to have alternate HUD’s for hunters and monsters.

Here’s a (baaaad) example.

Just replace the 1, 2, 3 and 4 with the symbols for the gear (Railcannon, Amp, Dust and Cloak in this case) and you’re set. :smiley:

And pretend it’s a bit more well designed, sleeker, more compact, etc. I am NOT a professional UI artist, but TRS has plenty that could make some sick interfaces.

It’d be a bit more minimalistic while still delivering necessary information; compact, sleek, and with a good color scheme (I DETEST the color of the health and jetpack bar, and the two equipment wheels, compared to the rest of the game. They’re so ECH) unique for each class.

Additionally, an option (to complement this alternate UI) to remove the healthbars of your team mates, and replace them with the small class icons above their head.

The icons would be surrounded by a white outline, and that would go down and up with their health, be tinged green when they’re healed, blue as they’re shielded, purple as they’re boosted and orange as they’re damaged; and start pulsing deep red when they go below 50% HP.

The monster healthbar is replaced by two numbers; Armor (blue) a slash, then health (red.)

Etc, etc.

Honestly I just want some additional HUD’s and things (and an alternative to that god awful normal hud color, eeeew.)

At least let us change the color of our UI elements a little? :D<G


HUD Options

The old monster and hunter HUD’s were pretty cool and minamalistic

I feel like the colour given to the current HUD was to give it a more spacey-future feeling, but eh, who the hell wouldn’t like a shocking pink stick out like a sore thumb health bar now and then? :DDD


I prefer the HUD as-is.

BUT I would except it if it came with this super cool font :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m all for class specific HUDs. I also don’t really like the blue tealish color of the wheels. Health color is fine, Jetpack could be a different color to give contrast between the two.


A simple left 4 dead type UI would be cool.


I’d like the option to make everything smaller and turn off certain parts.
There are times I haven’t seen a Monster because the buff icon was too big in the upper right corner. Things like that.


I would love for teammates health bars be actual health bars and on the top right or left of the screen. That is all.


Still wan to get the possibility to turn parts of the HUD or indicators off. Just guided by sounds, watching into the sky to find those birds, reading a real map, mesuring the monsters hp at the damage our bullets dealed to tho body, counting the shots that are in my clib…


A quick “minimalist” design I made cause I was bored.

I’d rather not have the second wheel on the screen unless I’m dead or there’s a bot. If you have 4 hunter players I never look at it unless I’m a Medic, which is rare for me. I’d rather it be optional to turn on/off any time.

OR it could be a smaller wheel in the same area. There’s no reason for it to be so big besides making the screen symmetrical.

I also put the health and jetpack bars going around the main HUD wheel so you’re always just looking in one place instead of all over the screen. The buff icon is smaller in size and also lowered.

It would also be nice if you could move the HUD into any corner you want to give people the choice.

Version 1

Version 2

Disabling the HUD?

This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. :cry:



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