Altered Trapper Dome


Would it be possible give a trapper a smaller dome? This would come with the fact that it would be harder to land but i feel i would be interesting to have a more restricted space to fight. Maybe it would have an altered duration

Could a Trapper have a smaller dome?

They could do it for the T5 trapper. Like what they did with Slim.


I can’t see them adding a feature for a new hunter which would be primarily a disadvantage for them


The smaller dome would also make attacking the monster easier though. It’d be a pretty good Idea, and would pair well with a Sunny Val team. I’d be into it


Maybe an ability that could change the distance of a dome to suit the situation, if it was closer it would come down faster, and if it was farther away it could come down much slower.


You could say that, but then again it also favours monster combat aswell, less room for hunters to spread, in general the smaller and more enclosed areas are the worst places to fight monsters in my experience, coupled with being harder to hit, this would favour monster more in most cases


Class abilities won’t be altered in such significant ways.


I like that, but the main thing about it is making it hard for the monster to fight in a tiny dome. It works both ways. Easier for stronger monsters to bunch and easy to not lose the monster. A bigger dome would do good too. We’ll see. How big is the normal dome? isn’t it 60m? I’d propose a 30-40m dome and an 80m dome


I feel it shifts as the game progresses if you were to dome a stage 1 monster in say a 20m dome for a minute and a half it would be devastating. But if the same were for a stage three monster it would be bad for hunters


Even the radius and amount healed of heal bursts are changed between medics. So why not size and duration of the dome?


The only times you should dome a stage three monster are when it first evolves with no armor or its trying to run away from the relay. Both of these situations make the dome useful so the monster cant run to evade damage.


I’m talking about the dome; size is a significant change. Tweaks in heal burst for radius and efficiency are not.


20m dome? Even at stage one an okay monster would stomp a hunter team for being so close. There would be no where for hunters to run or position themselves.


You said that the class abilities wouldn’t be altered in a significant way, but they have in opinion. Specifically the medic. For example slim’s heal burst functions significantly different from vals. With the ability to make it recharge faster and a larger are of affect. In my opinion thats significant. So if changes can be made to the medic heal burst why not the trapper dome?


I was just using as an example


I kinda want to see a trapper that uses nets or those feet tie things that cowboys throw to slow or effectively stop the monster all together.


I am just saying a dome being smaller will almost always hurt the hunters. Val and Laz need the 60m to keep there space. really any medic in a smaller area is bad since they can’t run. Even slim will suffer since a monster will just keep punching him around, and he wouldn’t be able to run.


I just think its a neat idea, highly situational though.


Well I am just going to have to respectfully disagree with you.


Dislike the idea, mainly because what it’ll do is amplify the strength of the better party. If the hunters are better the monsters will have no-where to hide and it’ll just be an easy kill. If the monster is better they’ll use the smaller area to dominate through the hunters because they have less places to go.

I don’t mind the idea of changing the dome in some way per trapper, but not by size. Duration it’s up with a faster cooldown is an interesting concept, or some kind of linkage (ala Slim) that helps keep the dome up by hitting with a certain weapon or trap…but I think the game is balanced around the dynamics of an area that kind of size to fight within.