[Altered Thread Topic] Recommended Recording Equipment?


Note: Changed the point of this thread about 9 posts down.

Alright so more or less I need some advice here.

For a long time when I broadcast I have my Broadcast Quality set at 2500kbps (which I’m guessing means Kilobits Per Second?) which is really good because that is what it recommends for me and it has a default High Setting of 2000. Well for the past two weeks its been stuck in between 400-800 kbps on average which is crummy quality and even with those low settings it still tends to get all pixelated and just not look good at all.

I’ve tried all the little stuff from resetting my Streamkey, resetting the Modem and Router, uninstalling the App and reinstalling it and a few days ago we had a Cox guy come over and “fix” the problem.

The Cox Guy said that our Sending Signal was “louder” than our Receiving Signal which was causing some sort of problem. He said he fixed it and that he was monitoring it and said it looked fine. Said it would take a few days for it to “clear out.”

Well here we are a few days later and not even a remote improvement at all.

I am getting frustrated as all hell about this and I don’t know what else I can do. At times before it would drop to like 1400 or so and by the next day it would fix itself and It’d be all good. But now it’s been like this for two weeks. I’m unable to gain new viewers and with that in mind I’m only going to lose my current ones. Hell my regulars/moderators can’t even watch my Streams because the quality sucks so bad it’s unwatchable.

Now I know someone is thinking “Go to twitch forums and ask for help!”

Well I would but I can’t seem to figure out (at least on my tablet) how to become registered and make posts on there. Most of their stuff is Pre-Made posts and we’re talking about company support… uh… we all know how that works out.

I was hoping that someone here might be able to recognize the problem and maybe have a suggestion as to how to fix it.

As it says right now my “recommended quality” is at 771… lower than the default Low Setting.

Help! I also plan on getting a Kinect around early December since people were wanting to see the face of Merger Werrier but with what’s going on now I can’t do squat worth crap.

Any Tech junkies here?


Run a speed test from speedtest.net and paste the results in here?

Also post your pc specs too


Oh I guess it would help if I said I play on Xbox…


So I’ve been checking my Detailed Network Statistics and this is what I get.

Download Speeds:
55.57 Mbps

Upload Speeds:
1.41 Mbps

Packet Loss:

MTU: (Whatever this means)

97 ms

And I meet if not exceed the requirements to stream based on the Xbox Support Page.

Still not sure what’s up.


Typically recommended settings is 80% of your total upload rate. 1000kbps isn’t high


I know that 1000 isn’t high. Never did say that it was. Just that Xbox (based on their chart) it says that meet the requirements. Or at least should.

I usually run 2500 kbps so anything less is unsatisfactory. I’ve tried a number of things and I’m honestly stuck on what to do.


Streaming through Xbox direct isn’t the best to begin with, unless of course using a cap card.

And if you’re upload is only 1.1, your recommended bitrate is typically around 800 heh…Which wouldn’t be the greatest of quality.

Not sure how you could have been handling 2500 with that small of an upload


Well I was for the longest time.

I’m not sure what changed really.

And streaming through Xbox is currently my only option as of right now.

Don’t what I can do to fix it.


Actually I’ve been thinking, not much else to do behind a register that requires minimal thought, about just getting recording equipment and just doing all that stuff via YouTube.

I’d still like to Stream but I need to do something about that damn upload speed. Have no idea how or why it dropped like it did unless Cox is doing that Throttling crap to me.

(For clarification for those that don’t understand the term “Throttling” it refers to your Service Provider altering your connection speeds by dropping the quality and thus hoping that you’ll feel like spending the extra $$$ to improve your internet quality with an “Upgrade.”)

Might have my Dad call them up again and see what’s up and see why it still sucks.

Now onto the point of this particular post.

I was wondering if anyone, such as yourself and possibly @MaddCow (you seem to broadcast a bit), would know of “decent” or recommended equipment to use for making videos for YouTube (this has been the main thing I’ve been aiming for awhile now) such as Camera, Computer, Computer Editing Software and Microphones and the like.

I mean I could always look online but I’d rather get a human response as opposed to reading an essay or two or three through hundreds of pages that’s been sitting there for a couple of years and in the end getting screwed.

Money isn’t tight but I’d rather not go super expensive on the equipment. Preferably just “decent enough” for it to be actually watchable instead of pixelated crap.

Anyone have any suggestions?


Any webcam is usually sufficient. Obviously anything that can record you in HD, but it isn’t as important. Good microphones to look at are either the Snowball or Yeti. The Yeti is much better, but at a higher cost point. I personally use a snowball and a mic stand for my recording. I would LOVE to get an arm so that I don’t have to put the mic at this awkward angle in front of me. The biggest decision is price point tbh. Both are great quality with the Yeti being a long term mic as opposed to the snowball. However, the snowball is a bit better regarding price.

For software I stream/record everything with OBS. It’s free and does just about anything I want it to. For editing software that is where you might have to do some research. I do very little editing as I just don’t have the time to do so and make everything look super professional, so I just use a simple program called Avidemux. I use it to simply cut/chop my raw footage into MP4 files. If you are more serious about editing I am sure others will be able to help you and some are free and some are not.

Having a good rig is important when streaming because you are encoding video AND playing a game (Usually on high settings) at the same time. If you can play a game with max settings you might not be able to when you stream/record as well at the same time. It isn’t a huge resource hog but is something to be aware of. If you do stream, it is MUCH better to stream at 720 60 FPS than 1080 30FPS. The human eye will notice the difference between 60 to 30 FPS much easier than 1080 to 720. The biggest thing is your upload speeds to stream. What is your upload speed?


Look up a few posts. It’s roughly that area but it fluctuates.

I was thinking about getting a Capture Card(?) is that like some sort of Camera? Or what?

And like where to get said programs for editing videos would I go online or go to a place like Best Buy or Walmart?

(Hopefully there is something I can pick up from a place like Walmart because Employees are getting a 25% off an entire purchase on the 3rd or 4th and I kinda want to take advantage of that.)

If you, or someone, could create a list of what would be suggested things like so:


  • Snowball
  • Yeti


  • Whatever

Editing Program:

  • Whatever

And so on and so forth. Although take your time on that whomever is up to doing that for me. No rush yet.


I didn’t realize this would be for xbox. I know that Xbox has it’s own software and I’m not too sure what, if anything, you might need. As such I’m limited in my answers. I can say that 1k up is a bit on the low side. You might have some issues with those that are watching. That being said I don’t feel qualified as I’m a PC user and not sure what hardware/software is available with the XBone. That being said, I believe there is already some default software to stream on the XBone.


Yeah I’ve been using Twitch via Xone but recently its gone to crap.

I usually stream at 2500 kbps (which is the best as far as I’m concerned) but recently I have to stream at an average of 400-700 kbps which sucks. I’ve watched my own Streams as I play using my tablet and it goes to crap at times (frequency of crap depends on how high my quality is) but then I watch another random person’s Stream and it’s all good.

But yeah I’m asking about PC stuff since I plan I kinda move over to PC games and whatnot.

I’d rather stay on Xbox BUT PC has a larger branch of games to play, especially Horror games. Right now the only scary (I mean actually scary) games that Xone has is Outlast and Layers of Fear. PC has both and then some.

So yeah via PC expertise what would you suggest list wise? I mainly am asking for a list so that I can wright it down and be like “Yo! This list! What’s here on this list that you gots?” (More or less.)


The biggest thing you’d need for Xbox, if you want to stream decently on it or record would be a dedicated PC and a capture card.

The capture card is basically what will capture the gameplay and reduce load from your PC and enable you to stream or capture in higher quality than the Xbox typically would do.

As far as PCs go, you really don’t need a super high end one if all you will be doing is streaming your Xbox play,since it’s just a matter of running software (OBS) and the capture card off of.

What I did a while back was stream both PC and console games.

I had my gaming rig, along with a logitech HD webcam, and an elgato HD capture card for the xbox. I was able to play PC and stream PC games, then switch to the Xbox streaming when I played on my Xbox certain games I was involved in, like NHL and an online league I played in.

My personal opinion now on the whole streaming scene is it’s a very hard thing to get into full blown and a huge risk if it’s something you really want to do. Twitch is pretty well established now and everyone and their mother tries to stream and make it big (Not saying you do) but I at one point tried back in 2010 and even then it was difficult.

My computer now is well beyond able to handle streaming games and pretty much max settings and I have a rather high-speed internet with fios (80 down/80 up) so my quality is pretty good.

If you are thinking about PC gaming, go for it. The graphics/resolution will likely always be better and now a days almost every game is cross platform and no more exclusive to one system than the next. The biggest issue is the move/price is much steeper and the turnaround for upgrades on PC is so much faster than owning say one type of console for 2 years where as a PC’s vid card gets outdated much quicker.


The components and gear you needed for streaming and recording did you order them online or were you able to pick any of them up at a local store?

If online could you provide a link to the website(s) where you got them?


I mostly use Newegg and Amazon for all my online purchases.

Everything can be found on both of those websites easily.

If you are looking to order soon, you could also wait until Cyber Monday in like a day and get stuff a bit cheaper depending on sales


Now in regards to our Upload Speed my Dad and I have done everything we could do.

We went and updated our router, changed ports, changed the splitter, called Cox about the issue, tested our speeds between Cox and us and then speedtest.net and us and the findings were odd.

Between us and Cox our Upload Speed was 10-12 Mbps but when testing our upload speed with say speedtest.net our upload would average 3-5 Mbps and through Xbox our Upload Speed is 1-1.5 Mbps.

We tried direct to Moden and through the Router and the results were the same in each area.

Does this ring a bell to anyone? @KabukiTV


Only other thing I can think of is your signal strength of the actual cable lines going to the modem etc…

Not sure if you posted anything above about the cable tech testing the signal strength etc but you could have some loss in the cables at points, especially if using multiple splitters along the same line


Nah just one Splitter.

I was suggesting to my dad about the possibility of the cables. I think we’ve been using the same Ethernet cable since we first started Xbox Live use and that was about the time Halo 2 came out.

But it doesn’t explain why there is such a difference between each different speed test.

The crummy Ethernet cable would make sense IF the Xbox Speed test was the only one that sucked.

But Going to Cox it’s great.

Going to a random server is a small fraction of that.

And going from Xbox it’s a fraction of that fraction.


Well I just went to the store and got a brand new cable. A 50ft BlackWeb Cat6 Flat Network Cable and it still sucks.

Absolutely no change in connection.

And it’s not the Xbox because I used the old cable on the 360 and checked the connection there and the Down and Upload speeds were even worse there.

The 360 was getting .5 or less in upload speeds.

I guess my Dad and I will have to call up Cox a third time and have them send someone out a second time.

This freaking sucks.