Alt Variations


Just to get this out of the way before anyone gets the wrong idea. THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE HUNTERS OR MONSTERS.

We have gotten the Tier 1 variations done and the last tier 5 ,support, is coming out soon and that’s all fine and good. But I got to ask, where is the map love?

It’s clear at this point, even if the devs don’t want to say that there is a story line, that the game is moving along story wise. You can kind of get that feeling in the conversations the Hunters have, some are new and match up with events that have happened and others are just not played anymore or very rarely.

Now if you’re confused about what this has to do with maps, It’s simple, the Hunters where basicly left on the planet at the end of Defend and “story wise” they are trying to survive and escape the now. I have heard conversations pointing to this. That being said, the Monsters ripped there way across the planet and did alot of damage. Now why are there not maps that show this?

Lets take…The Dam. Fairly well know map as it is, yes? Now during the events in Evacuation,monster wins, the Dam loses power and a flood happens. Now this is shown by large puddles in the next map…puddles…really? But what about at the Dam? Is it more flood? Where there cave ins? How does the flooding effect the map?

This is what I’m asking, During Evacuation, even if you don’t like the mood it is still the “story” of Evolve, a lot happened, But it’s poorly shown and only in the following map.

Now I can kind of understand why they wouldn’t want to do such things with the maps. Mainly because it would most like remove the power relay objective. But that like the maps needs a update. Throw in some unpredictability, shake things up for both the Monsters and the Hunters. Surprise us with new maps and objectives.

At this point about the only ones left are those that actually want this game to continue on. New Hunters/Monster/variations is all good but not having those isn’t what drove away alot of players. It was the same routine over and over. The same objective over and over. The same maps over and over.


I really like this idea! ^^;;


I just feel that it is the best course of action now that the first round of variations has come out and the last tier 5 is coming.



Here are a few ideas that came to me concerning maps and changes.

Regardless of the outcome in Evacuation, Shear got @%#* right in the backside before getting teabagged by the monsters. Were the colonist saved, sure…was the colony saved, hell no. I saw that because the Hunters only ever worked in that single 4 man team and went after the best targets at the time.

That in mind I thought up these based around the various outcomes that can be won during Evacuation but can be applied to Hunt. Some of these will both hurt and help both the Hunters and Monsters.

Please keep in mind as well that none of these ideas are meant to give either the Monster or Hunters a direct advantage in damage output or damage resistance. These are meant as a tactical advantage/disadvantage for both sides to use against the other.

Flooding: Currently it is shown by large puddles doted around the map. They are not a threat/annoyance /obstacle to either the Hunter/Monster. This can be changed by having large poritions of the map flooded, mostly low ground or under ground areas. This would take away key ‘safe zone’(anti Hank) areas in low lying caves. Or alternatively can create large pools of water that would force Hunters to use large poritions of jetpack fuel on or go around and lose sight of the monster. These flooded areas could also become areas for new Tyrant spawns or even new aquatic life forms to be brought into the game.

Monsoon: Currently produces larger number of Hunter eating plants. Easily spotted and only dangerous to Hunters that don’t watch where they are going. Alternatively it could be a heavy rain effect on the map that limits the vision of both Hunter/Monster and random lighting strikes that can damage both unlucky to get hit. As well the heavy rain could limit the number of wild animals in the area as they are seeking shelter from the rain. Meaning more covered areas like caves or buildings would have high numbers of creatures for the Monster to feed on thus creating ambush areas for both sides.

Blizzard: Currently not a effect in game. Acting much like the Monsoon it would limit the vision of both Hunters and Monsters and drive animals into cover. As well giving the extreme low temp it would have a negative impact on Hunters jetpack usages, making them less effective. And the Monsters stamina, causing it to recharge slower in the low temp.

Destroyed Buildings: Currently not in game. Given the large amount of rampaging monsters/ falling satallites/ and various things exploding, it would be to far of a reach to say that most buildings would have suffered. This could be shown by having previous intact buildings now rubble or badly damaged. Such as the Refueling Tower, it could be collapsed in such a way that it creates a barrier across a porition of the map that isn’t easy to cross.

Auto machines: Currently shown as turret and drones. These machines only appear once and then are assumed to shut down. Alternatively they could still remain active and assist the Hunters on maps. Or if given the right set up, sabotaged by the Monster causing them to either shut down or turn on the Hunters.

Eggs; Currently shown as a clutch in game. The Monsters spawn from the eggs that is common knowledge now. It is also know that the Hunters do not destroy all the eggs, there are just too many and not enough time. Eggs could be found on maps randomly, ranging from 1-2 eggs, providing the Monster with a minion that auto attacks the Hunters. Such eggs could provide ambush spots for the Hunters.


Well they’re working on T2-T3 adaptations as well.


I know they are working on them. But look how long it took them to come out with all the T1 adaptations. By the time they finished coming out with T2 there might not be enough people still interested in the game to real care anymore.

It’s been said before that the maps were very repetitive and a lot of players left because of this alone. And knowing the maps is 60% of the fight or more in the hands of a competent team. If they continue to just come out with Monster/Hunter adaptations, then it’s like they are just waving a shinny coin in are faces to distract us from other problems.

I feel the backlash from Broken Hill maps scared them away from coming up with more maps of any kind. But that is what this game needs right now more then just a different looking Hunter with altered abilites.


Yea… The maps in CoD are soooooo much better, not repetitive at all. /kappa

And they release an adaptation practically every month in between new content. I don’t get what people expect.

It’s like old street fighter, you had a set number of fighters and “maps”. I enjoyed that game more than anything. And that was repetitive.