Alrighty people, come judge my gameplay , FITE MEH (warning, no in game audio sorry about that)


here it is peeps, sorry about the audio my headset screwed over my recording :frowning: hope it s good enough still


I’ll critique this in a bit.

In the meantime, @MaddCow do you have any quick tips for the man? After all you do coach people while I roach them :stuck_out_tongue:


Watching now. Give me a bit to look through it. That being said, curious on your skill and perk selection. (Not saying it is good/bad) Just want to know your thoughts on picking what you did. Also, it feels like a console/controller being used when playing due to the higher amount of horizontal looking over vertical. What platform is this for?


He’s on PC, you can tell by the keybindings under his abilities.


Is he using a controller then? The look movement is… controllerish :stuck_out_tongue:



not at all, was using my mouse and keyboard


Hmmm… You don’t seem to look around tons when eating etc… Just an observation :smile:


well usually people jus follow tracks go in a general direction before birds or cacthing up and i do look around most of time but when i know there are so many routes hunters can use i m usually good to go


Well first of all you need to mitigate the damage more on stage one also no banshee mine?? This thing are great for maximizing you damage on 9:30 the only player was left is the assault you could finish him also remember the kraken is the only monster who can mitigate and attack at the same time use this to your advantage also whin the game start you don’t need to sneak for very long just break line of sight and thin rush for feeding