Alright, lets talk Behemoth. Anything and everything


Alright, watching the live stream and this is what I’ve taken away.

  1. Behemoth is not OP, he actually takes skill which is good. He is unconventional and can’t spam, I like his skills as well.
  2. Behemoth just looks badass. Kudos to TRS for this monster. I love how thick and wide he is. His roar taunt in the monster selection screen is so sweet.
  3. Already meta hunter to vs. Behemoth. They said griffin is really good and Parnell has a big target to hit with his rockets and shotgun.

Overall I really like this monster. What does everyone else think?


When I get my squad we will just stay above ground in different places. Since he can’t jump, it will just frustrate him.

There was a live stream? Aww, I didn’t have a chance to see the game play.


its still running.

and he looks rly rly bad cant rly be sneaky u can be drunked as fuck and still hit every bullet which makes his armor melt like nothing

i dont think that he will be any good vs a decent (iam talking about actually good ppl not like those guys) team.

feels like a lazerusstyle monster for me lol


I think it boils down to how fast he can roll->cancel->meleeattack. That one seems pretty good. Fissure looks good, wall looks like complete garbage because of inconsistencies.


Behemoth is going to take a lot more thought than anything. Wall placement, aiming, positioning, countering hunters that hide vertically.

Can’t wait to try him out.


Wall+fissure massive damage as it blocks the warning to hunters and they don’t see fissure coming.
However, the monster players in the stream should of been given practice first, alot of noobing around.
Also fusion plant, not a great choice to show the monster off IMO.


I’m waiting for someone to post youtube vids of the livestream to watch it, SO SHHHHH NO SPOILERS


or atleast make them even

hunters get keyboard and mouse while he has to play with a shitty controller lol


It is a monster that can’t spam his attacks and that why he seems weak. He is actually going to take strategy and skill. I really cannot wait


Tongue grab looks weird. Should be faster grab then it is but all others abilities looks absolutely fantastico!

And finally…

wow… he’s so fa(s)t.


He looks dope. All that health and armor is a tradeoff for being a massive target though. Parnell is great against him. Best anti-Behemoth unit? Parnell, Griffin, Cabot & Caira? Laz & Hank? Then there’s Tier 4 Hunters.


I think the Behmoth like the other monsters you have to put thought into when playing him. He has the most health and armor out of all the monsters ( as of right now) and he is sorta kinda fast and does damage with his roll. I think his biggest strength that will be such a huge factor in him as a monster is the Rock Wall because that thing is deadly because it can slip up the team and corner a hunter at the same time protect Behemoth as he pounds a hunter. He can also use it to get up safely. His melee is also really strong and because of that any hunter who gets stuck in his tongue will pay a heavy price on top of taking dot damage from his fire bombs. I honestly think behemoth will be one of the easier monsters though because his “headshot” counter will be in his belly and not at his face and normally people just hit for center of mass so the player has to think strategically and not go “ROLL AND STICK ALL THE DAY” because it will end up getting him or her killed.


Yeah its going to be interesting. We can see how much damage he can do with just his hands so it’ll be deadly.


Still LIVE here:


sneaking is still viable with him


I have to say I’m a bit worried about how much it looks like Behemoth was designed to take advantage of sneak attack while in the dome. Massive melee damage + the ability to separate the hunters in the dome and the fact that the streamers were already discussing his sneak attack as a method of increasing his mobility. I just hope Tongue Grab + Rock Wall + Sneak Attack doesn’t turn into the new Decoy/Supernova.

with that out of the way…

Thoughts as an Assault:
He’s definitely more mobile than I was expecting, but being a huge target it looks like Parnell will be the go-to assault against him, and then Hyde, but that depends on the new grenades, Behemoth might end up spending more time in them. Markov won’t be terrible with range and mines.


Thanks, I’m already watching. I expected more from a behemoth player, but it’s the developers so it’s understandable.


This guy can’t fly, Markovs mines for the win, lel…


Wall counter Caira and Val = medic must be Lazarus
Behe can’t fly = assault must be Markov
Behe can’t roll when pooned = Griffin
Behe is fat = Cabot

I’m not talking about T4 cuz I didn’t see them but this is probably best combo for behe.


True, he’ll have a hard time avoiding them, and looks like he doesn’t have much to remove them, but it looks like his roll stops on a dime so it won’t be completely unavoidable.