Alright I can't figure this out. (Release time)


I’m itching to play. Literally. But I can’t figure out what time the game will unlock for me because everyone is saying different things. Can someone just tell me when it will be available to play MST? I have it preloaded in Xbox One


10:01 PM for us in MST. :slight_smile: Where you at?


Utah! :slight_smile: Provo, more specifically


Whoa, I’m in Provo to! Scary :smiley:


No. Way. For college or just living here?


Just living. I work over at Google Fiber atm. Hoping to head back out east for advancement opportunities :slight_smile:


I can’t get a straight answer. I’m in Eastern Standard Time(Kentucky). The official post says 5:01 am. It doesn’t say what time zone. Other zones are listed in UTC. 5:01 am UTC is 12:01 am for me. So does it release at 5:01 EST, or 12:01 am EST?

It’s a mystery.


Very nice! I’m a student at BYU originally from Arizona. And yes I have Google Fiber haha but it’s the free one so its not too good :wink:


Right? There’s too much contradicing info


And you guys are behind me, time wise, so why would it release there first?


Hey, free is free :smiley: One less bill to worry about. Thats pretty cool. I actually live Just up on Center St. at the Sycamore. That was also another big twitcher (Not with Evolve that I know of) that lives here in town as well.


It’s 12:01 AM Feb. 10th EST. So 9:01 PM PST.


I think 10:01 pm MST = 12:01 am EST, right?


Where have you seen that? Mac Man’s official post said 5:01 am, but didn’t specify what time zone…


Yeah that was a major flaw lol


Oh nuts. I just realized it was with regards to XBone. Sorry, I was thinking PC for some reason haha. Lemme check then…


Hoof in mouth disease :stuck_out_tongue:


True that! Are you a Twitcher as well then?


They’re killing me, Smalls. How did they forget to specify a time zone? Haven’t looked forward to a game like this since Arkham City.


I’m thinking EST. Both PS4 and PC are EST based.