Alright Evolve Community


It’s been a while, and I wanna group up with some of you.

I’m making this thread because it has indeed been a while, and now that I have a pc I feel as though I can connect with the rest of the Evolve community like I never have before. So basically, I want to know what you all have been up to, what games? What life decisions? What parties? Can I join up with you? Maybe whisper in your ear in a discord chat? :wink:

Ayy lmao hmu fam


Game Developing training on UE4

Paragon and Brawlhalla

Poor ones lol

When ever you’d like big boi lmao



10 Torvalds


Mostly StarCraft Remastered and MCC, quite enjoying myself.

Currently trying to choose which grad school to attend…it’s killer lol


Is this place still considered the Evolve community?


The OGs are, but it’s supposed to be the Turtle Rock community


I mean, technically no, but I am asking these questions toward the specific community I used to game with :smiley:


Alrighty, was just wondering.


It’s good, I like staying updated.


Been playing Splatoon 2, had a moment where I used inking/swim-up-walls and “fought up and down and around a pillar” against someone… and remembered another great game… :sleepy:

Also whenever I swim jump to toss throwables farther… :sleepy:


I just moved to the UK and I was thinking of trying to play Evolve again now that I’m not on a servers dead reagion :^)
Playing some Overwatch on the side due to a friend but not very particularly pashioned about any recent releases. Loved Pyre from supergiants but that’s a single player game


I cracked down and bought Undertale shortly after 2K cut ties with TRS, and I haven’t been the same since. Every night, I pray to Papyrus and bleed onto my spaghetti. I stay up until 3 in the morning getting high on Undertale shitposts. When I fart, it sounds like Mettaton’s voice byte. I have developed an irrational fear of buttercups and a fetish for Cuban cigars. I will die if I don’t drink a full bottle of ketchup every 4 hours. I cannot try to solve a maze without receiving an electric shock every time I make a mistake. My dogs have begun wearing armor now for no apparent reason. One of them learned to use a sword somehow. Satan visits me in my dreams and sings a song about onions on Fridays, but not if I carve the phrase “tax exemption” into my flesh before bed.

Other than that, I’ve been playing some Smite, some For Honor, some…uh, not actually anything else, come to think of it. I wish Dauntless would drop sooner because I’m still having 4v1 monster fight withdrawals ever since I started boycotting 2K.


Sounds like life is going pretty good.


I’m still dead inside and eternally depressed yet I always act happy cause I don’t want people to worry for me cause it’s my own problem. All in all I’m pretty much the same as we last talked but I’m more mature.


Well well… Looks like I have a bro here…