Already there are Threads stating OP/UP? Wow


So yeah I get on thee forums. I look through the threads. I see some good ones, and weird ones, and some funny ones and then all of a sudden I see them…

This update hasn’t been out for a single month and that’s still not even a enough time to really come up with a solid conclusion on the balance of the game. The most we should see now are bug reports and overall people just having fun with the game. Give it time New Players, your inner beast will rise soon. I promise.


They started the same day the game re released.


I know! Like what makes them think they can just state whether the Balance is UP/OP or in between with THAT little playtime? God people are arrogant xD


What are you trying to say with this thread? It’s pretty obvious some monsters are OP/toxic to play against. Hence why Wraith is already getting a nerf to her Decoy soon.


For some people 100+ hours is quite a bit.
Not saying if people should and shouldn’t post op/up topics but I believe TRS appreciates any and all feedback they get during beta.


I think he was generalizing between the old version and the new version and comparing them differently. Which with the re release the game has only be out for a few days now.


Exactly what I said in the thread. I feel it is way too soon to jump ship onto conclusions on the balance of this very complex game. If you’re takin it offensively that’s your problem bud. Not mine.

I feel this decision was made too quickly. I just want people to actually analyze how the game works and learn the new balance it has from it’s old version. It has changed a lot man. You could say it has…




You’re right on the target my friend. Bullseye.


A lot of people disagree. Wraith is absolutely ridiculous right now. Decoy is just way too good, its back to release levels, doing so much damage on such a short cooldown, all while the real Wraith can also be damaging you. Its absurd, and honestly doesn’t take long to notice.


TRS has thankfully learned from their mistakes at release and are much faster with rebalancing characters now. All the hunters seem pretty balanced so far, but some monsters are sticking out ahead of the rest. Wraith is the ultimate pubstomper and 2 other monsters are way too overbuffed. Once people start to find out these monsters are the next OP monsters in line, they will flock towards them. TRS has to be quick in rebalancing or players will drop quickly like it happened in February 2015.


With everything you just said, take into consideration of the times the devs made the monsters way to UP. And now take into consideration of the influx of new players (not the best skill level). Now take into consideration of the little (and I mean little) time that this update has been out. Just think about it


I’m gonna have to agree with Quirkly.


You have every right to do so. To me I am seeing the first steps of a repeat in history. Now we play the waiting game.


Outside of competitive, not very. And I’m not competitive. So I don’t care.

I’m only playing with other “veterans”, unless I play monster, in which case I’m playing monster.

I have taken into consideration the time, its enough time for me to go into 10-20 matches against a Wraith, and the entire time have a sickening “Theres absolutely nothing I can do against this” feeling in my gut, because its ridiculous how fast I get erased off the face of the planet.
Its like you shoot someone in the leg, they say “Ow” and you say “Just take a second to think about it, the bullet has only been in you for a few seconds”. Doesn’t matter, they’re still having a bad time.


Decoy was op as shit in the beginning too, even after 2-3 months of having it.

It just needs a damage nerf, problem solved. Not too hard of a nerf though. We don’t want the decoy to do no damage.


Oh yeah it was no doubt about it my man.

I just want more time to (you could say) ‘study’ the balance of the new Evolve before I make my own conclusions and I just want more people to see it that way too. But people are different and that’s just life :confused:


I understand what you are saying, but that’s how games work nowadays, to please the playerbase they change things.


That made me take your side of the debate less seriously sorry bud.


I’ve had more encounters than that (like you have) but I just consider that getting a warm up to feeling out the balance. I’m not even a Wraith player but I’m open minded.


Neat, I honestly could not care less, monsters were fine before in the casual scene.

What do you mean, “And?” You said a part of the problem could be new players. I’m not playing with new players. I’m playing with people that actually know how the game works.

I gave myself a “warm up” period, before I recognized that theres just some bullshit going on. First few matches, got obliterated by Goliaths, thought “Wow, I’m bad, gotta get used to it” and suddenly, everything improved with time. After 5 matches of fighting Wraith, I thought it was just a player issue. But when I started to recognize that every Wraith player was using the same tactics and they all had identical results, I just gave up. Shouldn’t really be hard to acknowledge.


Bud you know you can put that shovel down right? You came here bein aggressive and now I’m not even gonna take what you’ve got to say as a reliable side of the debate. When you finally decide to be more chill hit me up. Peace out m8