Alpha Survey


Hey guys,

Just received an e-mail from 2K that contained some statistics and a short survey on the experience during the Big Alpha. Great to see this, as I think a great deal can be gleaned from all of the players who actively invested hours into the test and have further insight to share. Here’s hoping we get a chance to help them test again! (I don’t have an XBone).


I also received one but unfortunately found myself annoyed by it. I did not have enough information to fill it out with any certainty but did the best I could from a “cautiously optimistic” point of view from my severely limited Big Alpha experience on PS4.


Ah yeah man, that was really a limited window on PS4, but did you at least enjoy what you did get a chance to play?


I have the same mail ! I have completed all questions ^^


7 matches in all. Yes I did enjoy them as much as could be expected. But I missed opportunities to experience all of the playable characters as well as get acclimated to their respective abilities. As such, the survey was mixed with questions I could both definitively answer and some I didn’t have the answers to.


I am taking the survey right now. And it asked who my favorite character is. I literally dont know what to say. Not bucket. But that isnt an option. I LOVE all of my characters! Except bucket. He just really isn’t my style


I also like that it asked me to provide my email because I was interested in testing again… that means I will be testing again :stuck_out_tongue:


I have to wonder if anyone will actually put that they don’t want to test. Scratch that, I have to hope that everyone on PS4 will put that they don’t want to test so I can do all the testing :smiley: .


No love for Bucket? :frowning: I love all of the characters but you could only pick one on the survey. ;(


If it makes you feel better, I picked :bucket: as my number one :smiley:


Testing alphas / betas for 2K.
HOPEFULLY that includes another Evolve test (aside from the Xbox One open beta) but it’s not a guarantee.


I went :bucket: too! Although :val: and :goliath_roar: were a close second


I am now worried i miss typed my email for updates on future tests :open_mouth:


I wonder which one @SlinkyGuy would have picked…


I didn’t get an email…then again, I didn’t get an email for the alpha either so I think most of my TRS email is getting eaten someplace. Could somebody post a few of the questions so I could answer them here instead if it’s not too long?


Here is a fresh link:
That was the survey.


Responded to the survey!

That said, it’s odd to me when a survey doesnt have a “Okay all your freeform feedback goes here” text box clearly identified. It’s too tempting for me to throw my feedback into whichever one comes first (in this case the ‘how could gameplay be improved’ box), only to find the ‘any other responses’ box later.

I also noticed that my old feedback topics seem to be gone? Or at least private, possibly archived. Made it a little hard to refer back to, and including a link would have been nice.


Yeah well you’re a butt! :bucket:


Bucket Class is best Class :bucket_salute:


Peirs is a butt but I’m gonna have to pick Hyde. Sorry D: