Alpha Pre-Download


I thought that they announced pre-download for the alpha recently. If they haven’t shame on me but if they have when is it going to start? Because with a shitty internet connection like mine I’m worried I’ll miss a couple days to downloading


Maybe in the afternoon of the 29th or the 30th. Nothing confirmed yet.


I’m guessing somewhere from like 6-10pm on the 30th is when we’ll be able to get our codes and start pre-loading. Mind you this is pure conjecture on my part but it seems like they’re trying to keep signups open for as long as they can so more people can sign up/check out things like the Curse thing ( Curse Exclusively Guarantee Access Big Alpha for PC players! ) etc.


I’m thinking you will be able to pre-load once they e-mail the invites and you input the code into Steam or whatever.


I think this is the plan and I THOUGHT codes were going out tomorrow. Last word on it was that we’d get 1 or 2 days to download before the alpha.

Maybe @DamJess, @MacMan, or @SlabOMeat could shed some light on the current plan?


Yeah they said they didn’t have exact dates but we’re getting closer.If there will be pre-loads they should be able to tell us today or tommorow what’s up


They don’t have exact dates? The alpha is in 1 and 1/2 days… If we don’t get codes tomorrow people wont be pre downloading anything because the alpha has already started…


That was said at least 3 days ago.Also don’t forget that only a minority of players will be able to play at 30.The Xbox players.The big playerbase will come from PC at 31.


You mean 2 days / 3 days? :slight_smile: and preload means like 12 hours before or something i would assume not a whole day.


And this.

90% of players don’t even need 12 hours to DL a 15GB game.My crappy Internet can do it in less than 12 hours


I would need an hour or so to download it :slight_smile: <3 steam servers, praise the mighty gabe.


Jess confirmed the only platform to have a regional release was the PS4 meaning all other platforms would be given access to the server to predownload at the same time. If I’m not mistaken then that would mean xbox one players AND pc players would have to get their codes before the 30th otherwise xbox one players would get 0 predownload time. This pretty much means the 29th would be deadline to give out all the access codes (for Xbone and PC). If I’m misreading it then thats that but regional release for ps4 only is what I read.

EDIT: Also the alpha begins on the 31st so if it were 3 days before we got codes pc players would get 0 predownload time.


I don’t even know what regional release means :smiley: .


It just means access is given to the alpha via a region’s specific timezone which would change region to region.


oh.anyway i expect them tommorow


Thats not true, just xbox players will get it at the same time: Afternoon/late 29th - early 30th and PC players get it at the same time: Afternoon/late 30th - early 31st.


You guys don’t have Steam keys yet? That’s weird. I thought we got those earlier today. Took about 45 seconds to download on Google Fiber.




Omg that is so totaly legit and evrything “freaking out because did not get code


it says Seconds ;p