Alpha invites?


has anyone actually got an alpha invite? i sent minde the day they posted in the facebook forums and i live in canada so when will the alpha start? or i just didint get chosen?


The alpha invites will be sent sometime this week. I think they said they would let us know when they’re sent out so we don’t end up checking our emails every 5 minutes for the next 7 days.


thank god, thanks for telling me haha :smiley:


Except i will continue checking my e-mail every 5 minutes regardless


only every 5 minutes?? snortes casual…


I’m sure there will be a NDA to sign, so even if someone got in they are probably not going to be allowed to say they are in the alpha.


^ Definitely this.
But like people have said earlier, there should be an announcement. Just keep your ear to the ground, and you’ll know if you were picked or not. :slight_smile:


So, it’s Friday, still haven’t gotten a message, does that mean I didn’t get in the alpha? or have they still not released anymore info on it?


Patience padawan. The alpha is still being determined by 2k. It may take into next week for it all to be sorted. We will hear when they go out, don’t worry a bit.


My guess is that the invite will tell when the alpha will be, and they wanted to make sure that they would be able to deliver on that date


I take it you haven’t signed up? they said on the site they’d let us know by 7/5/14 (last Saturday.)
of course, the first statement comes off sounding snarky… sorry.
anyway, I hope that whenever the invite (or potentially the NO, for me) does show up, it will be instant, and downloading the game begins then.

alternately, your theory does work quite well.


Nope. Dont have access to a decent computer. And plaff lives in UK so neither of us will be in the alpha. Really hoping for a ps4 beta, though they said xb exclusive :frowning:


I think there was some miscommunication on that point. They wanted to have it internally sorted out by the fifth, not necessarily have messages out by then. They wanted them to go out within this week, but it looks like 2K had some problems making that happen. Probably safe to say we’ll hear next week.


thats one thing about the game industry, things rarely go as planned, it seems.


As long as it’s not the release date that gets pushed back, then I’m happy :stuck_out_tongue: glad that so far at least, TRS made sure that the release date wasn’t given out until they were sure they could make the given date, unlike WAY too many other developers who promised 2014 but were pushed back to 2015 or the delay on Watch Dogs which was supposed to come out as a release title.


Agreed. If Evolve gets delayed to 2015, idk what I’ll do! :scream_cat:


Yeah I am pretty sure though with how playable it is already, there isn’t much that could push the date back, I feel pretty confidant that it is a pretty solid date.


Yeah, I feel confident that Evolve will be ready on time. Everyone who saw the order knew it wouldn’t make holiday season this year


It’s a good thing I signed up. I haven’t has internet for the last week and I used my phone to sign up for the alpha. Hope I get to play.


If they must delay it for some odd reasons then they should delay it instead of it ending up like Battlefield 4.