Alpha emails?


Me and a friend used single use codes, and haven’t got an email. My friend who used a multi use code has had an email. What’s up with that? All on same console and all.


Emails are going out in waves. Just be patient.


What he said :slight_smile:


My friends getting nervous that he entered his email wrong xD just wanted to double check


Got mine for PS4 earlier this morning. Which console?


People are also posting codes left and right here on the forums. Have your friend grab one if he’s really worried. Then, if he ends up getting a code, he can just come post it here for someone else.


If it’s PS4 you’re waiting for it’ll probably be coming out soon.
If it’s PC you may need to try and get a code from someone else


PC. Probably worth telling him to sign up with the guarunteed Curse codes then I guess?


Yeah, there’s no harm in trying again. As it’s said on here, if he doesn’t get one, plenty of spare codes floating around


He got one single use, so he should be fine. Added to which, if my one works, he can have that one. Thanks for lightning quick responses all :slight_smile:


Well, a lot of people on here signed up several times and got several access codes. Just scroll down a bit on the main page and you’ll see tons of people giving away redemption codes on all 3 systems