Alpha beta on ps4 still no working its suppose to start at 9am pacific


Comon turtle rock stuido get ur alpha beta working or ull loose a sell from me cause ill cancle my preorder


the only one who’ll lose out is you


also its currentlyworking


How im loosing out its their lost not mine my 60$ will go to another game if their beta is not working


Its still saying cant connect to my 2k servers


then thats on your end, i have a match to play


Hows the game


Are you using the Big Alpha Client to play?Cant download a new client and the big alpha is not working: failed to connect to my2k servers


I dont understand what ur saying


The app is evolve big alpha


Same exact message failed to connect to 2k servers gona cancle my preorder if it dont work soon


You don’t use the big alpha to play anymore, you use the new Evolve Technical Test.


Really found it in library


Since you started a new thread on the topic more specifically, I will close this one. I moved your issue to the Problems Accessing thread for further assistance.