Almost twelve after patch 2.0, General Public has now reverted back to Kraken and occasionally Goliath. No shows for wraiths though yet


Behemoth is one tricky monster to play but with how strong the new hunters are it isn’t helping, nobody really wants to play as a squishy target dummy the size of Texas.

Too early to tell but a majority of people have not found playing as Behemoth as an enjoyable experience.

Now if you excuse me, I have to figure out how to counter Sunny and Slim.


Yea Wraith has been almost non-existent in most games I’ve play tonight. Though I have had fun playing with and against Behemoth.

Though I feel over time, Behemoth will become the new Wraith in a sense where ppl always pick, with Behemoths roll-heavy attack combo spam. But that’s just my opinion. I’ve seen randoms fall to easy very easily.

Glad to see more Krakens.


I assume you mean Patch 1.3? Or is it differently numbered for consoles?


As of the new content, it’s now v2.0.

The thing is that yes, post-patch Wraith and Behemoth can be played successfully at high levels, but most people will not do so when they have the balanced Goliath and the powerful Kraken to choose from. Wraith & Behemoth are kinda mirror images of each other (except Behemoth’s roll is probably faster than Wraith now), and are now both more difficult to play than the other Monsters.


I got a really deep sense of satisfaction yesterday obliterating wraiths that got to elite status pre nerf as Sunny with her mini-nuke. They fear me now the tables have turned. =)


Only skilled monster players are good with behemoths it’s not that there bad it’s because people don’t know how to do combos protect there belly and how to keep moving. The behemoth is very fast you have to take advantage of this and either use transversal cooldown or feeding rate. Here’s a good combo I use for taking a player out use fissure then grab him use Rockwall in back of him (no obstacles behind him like rocks ) then pounce and remember to pounce a lot with behemoth it protects your belly very well in most situations. I’ve played several evacuation games without losing as behemoth it takes skill and strategy I love it hope you eventually become as good as me :smiley:


Movement speed & damage resistance are helpful too. Fun combo… well, all of them, Behemoth has so many… Lava bomb an area then move in to fight, Rock Wall so you hit a couple guys with the wall & split them up, immediately Fissure before they recover, tongue grab one of them in the air, melee to death, pounce the other. You can separate and kill two Hunters at a time with Behemoth with really any combination including Rock Wall. You just need to fight deliberately, more like Wraith, not just laying down DPS. CC is of supreme importance or you’ll just get owned.


I belive its called patch 2.0 for PCs.


My bad I was just responding too what you said bellow the title of this topic saying how the behemoth s tricky too play (my bad again didn’t realize you were talking to someone else xD)