Almost every match I end up replacing a monster bot, and when I don't I seem to play my least preferred almost every time?


Hi guys!
So my first day with Evolve I pretty much just played the monster, loved it!
So I decided I wanted to try out the hunters and set monster to my least preferred.

Now it seems almost every match I play I’m replacing a bot, playing as a monster mid-way through a match. (on occasion VERY close to the end of the match)
When I do get in a match from the beginning, almost every time I’m set to play the monster anyway.
One time I was set to play Assaunt (set as 4th preferred) even though the Medic slot was empty and that was set as number 1?

I just feel like there may be some issues with the matchmaking.
I don’t mind taking over a bot, but it can be frustrating when you’re playing a character you haven’t unlocked yet.
I dont have the Wraith but end up playing as it plenty because of this and it is frustratign to do really well in a match and then lose out on all the character progression.

Is this happening to anybody else, and if so is it happening with the same charaters?
(maybe there are just a LOT of people tryign to play medic, support and trapper?)


I don’t think jumping in the middle of evacuation is pretty fun, especially when the character you have to take over is the one you really like to play. And I think by now everybody knows what they want to play even if they have already unlocked all of them or not.

Happens many time for me to take over on some character that I don’t even have them unlocked, not to mention that i’m not even interested in the way that those characters should be played. I don’t think the whole idea of this game is to play all of the characters and at the same time to don’t even know how to play non of those characters. I think the idea of having so many variety of Hunters and Monsters is to find what’s more closely to your personality, the way you want to reflect that personality in game. To “mirror” yourself in the game. :smile: .

I think a better way to deal with this is to choose precisely what do you want to play as, before joining a NEW game and to STICK with that choice until the game is finish. (the time to search the remaining players to fill the team will be longer nut will be worth then to join an already started match and play or quit and face the timer)


I think this happens to everybody.

And, I do mint taking over bots. I always like to play a fresh new one and have the opportunity to play my favorite character. If someone likes to play all the time on same character i don’t think is something wrong with that, on the contrary, he will be better and better and at some point maybe the best. And i’m sure there are allot other who like to play on on other characters as well.

Today I had to deal with a player on evacuation that in every mission he changed the class of the hunter. Then he started to abuse the in game chat and damn if he stopped talking on the mic. Started to “teach” everybody what to do like those guys didn’t know what to do and after a mission ends he changed class but took the same character as the previous player just to show us how is done… :))). Was pretty funny dho, cuz to be honest, he wasn’t good either on non of those characters.

Let’s face it, at lvl 25, I cannot call myself the best Caira ever. And I think every normal player will say the same about himself and if he’s really good other ones will praise him, not himself.

And i meet a player yesterday who did the “Bucket” support and i will proudly admit it, even to his face I can say it, he was the best Bucket i’ve ever meet science the release of the game. And he NEVER hit the “idiot” word, or something bad about neither of us, even if we screwed up. (and we won every round, because we did well all, but especially cuz he was there) Anyway.


I agree with that. It happens. Hopefully Valve will resolve the issue.


Valve? I think you wanted to say Turtle Rock. Doesn’t matter, happens to all :smile: .
Well, I want to raise my rank on Caira and I want to play with med every match and from the beginning of the Evacuation until the very end.

They should do something about this queue/ lobby, matchmaking or what is this called. To enter in a new match with a character that you want even if it will take a little bit longer to find you a match where that characters is needed.

I know the whole idea of this type of selection is to remove the long waiting queue (I think), but still, I for one prefer to wait a little bit longer, then to play from day five, monster character and the match is already in my detriment…


I play on the PS4.

I really dont like to play the monster roll and i have set the monster to my least preferred roll, and yesterday i had some time to play but instead i spent 40 minutes jumping in to games and out because i allways ending up with the monster roll and it is very frustrating. I really hate this system because when i do have my time to play i want to play the roll i like the most and that is the Trapper. I really love the game Evolve but this system might be the end for this game for me.I would love to be able to search for a game for my most preferred roll if it so take longer time then i dont care.

:slight_smile: & :frowning:


Totally agree with @Skyguard. Again put me in the monster shoes, when the monster is the least of my option. And how comes when I get to choose the role in game i’m always the last one? Maybe the internet, but this doesn’t matter, is not right to jump in middle of the game and be forced to play other players “leftovers”.

I don’t know who came with this idea of distribution system and queue, but, let’s face it, it Sucks… I have to quit and face the timer, because i don’t want to play something I DON’T WANT TO PLAY!!!


yeah… i’ll call it end for today… Didn’t do any progress in rank, cuz I had to play something else and not what I know how to play. Maybe tomorrow the gods of Turtle Rock will have mercy upon my game and they will allow it to play Caira and move forward from 248 rank…

I wish they read this topic and change this queue/ lobby/ choose character type system. I try to stay positive about it and hopefully with new update they will change it.