Allowing Mods for Custom Games (Poll)

  • Do you want mods for Evolve?
  • Do you not care?
  • Do you think Evolve should remain as it is now?
  • Is it even possible to do this?

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I’ve always wanted mods for Evolve, it just seems like there’d be endless amounts of them.


I believe mods are something the Devs have wanted in the past but it would require a ridiculous amount of time, effort, and significant funding to get done.



They are working on a heavily modified version of Cryengine and they don’t have the resources to make it mod friendly unfortunately.


That poll is odd… Feels weird voting for a question…




I put I’d like for there to be mods (I think…?), but I don’t expect them to be added for whatever reason.


Mods would be nice. Aren’t mods always fun to have to switch things up or improve the game after devs stop working on it?


2 words.MOON GRAVITY!I had so much fun with this glitch…Make it a mod!


“Mods” I feel aren’t needed. HOWEVER there should be private servers where you could make custom gamemodes. Kind of like GMod. Custom Maps should also be alright to make and add, since the current ones have kinda run dry.

Mods as in, no-reload or fly I feel aren’t needed. They wouldn’t fit in with this type of game imo.

Modding and Modders?