Allow us to strike one role from matchmaking, not simply rank it fifth


I absolutely understand and totally think the matchmaking role ranking system is a good idea and keeps matchmaking times low. However, I simply don’t want to play my 5th ranked role. In my case it’s the monster…I just never want to play it, I will always leave and then do the 1 minute wait.

Why not just let us completely eliminate our fifth choice? I assume that if someone ranked something their 5th, then they really just don’t want to play it. Or if they do, then fine, keep the fifth choice in there, and just give us the option of removing the fifth choice.

To me it just seems like a waste of player’s time to even have the queue pop into their 5th role (unless as I say they don’t mind it).


I think this would count as a feedback suggestion instead of general.


I made this suggestion to the devs. It’s a really good one.


Yes, this is especially dumb in the situation you’re saying with monster. If you end up being put with a party of 4, you’ll always be the monster even though it’s your fifth choice. (Or two parties of 2)


Changed topic to Feedback. I do agree with this. Strike out a class you don’t feel like playing right at the moment, this would result in the user having to deal with extended Queue times however.


Is there a poll option to see how many people would want this option?
If not I guess people could say they want it or not here.

I would approve of an option to strike out the 5 slot if you wanted or keep it how it is now at the expence of longer wait times. Like a button to x out the 5th if you wanted. I dont think it should always x out the 5th though.


I’d love this. I’ve just spend 30 minutes joining and leaving matches because it refuses to give me any class but the monster.
Normally it’s when the humans are dominating too and it’s well co-ordinated teams. It’s infuriating. And disrespectful to peoples free time.


Instead of striking one role completely just make the player chose the side before searching for the game:

  • Play as Hunter
  • Play as Monster

Some people like playing as monster only, while others would only play hunters. Even if you really hate, for example, playing Medic, you can switch the role with someone else easily. So the only real issue is weather you get to play on hunter side or monster side of battle.


Correct me if I’m wrong but this makes no sense. If everyone in the lobby has the same 5th/missing role, you don’t get to play the game.


you will not even get into a lobby. so this is would be a good thing. but chosing monster or hunter would be better.


I often change my preferences after matches based on the how well/poorly the players played in the previous match. If the trapper misses 8 domes and we lose horribly, I’m going to move trapper up on my list so I don’t have to suffer through that again.

A solution to this problem is to play with people you know. If you don’t want to play monster, you only have start your matchmaking queue with one other person. The best way to play is to have a lobby of five people that you know, then you can decide on roles as a group. You also avoid the pugs that are boosting or clueless and you can actually get some competitive matches in.


I agree. I think this simple tweak will greatly improve the matchmaking experience by a lot. Right now I’m either wrecking monsters who don’t really want to play as monsters or having people quit at the very first sight of being thrown to play as a monster.

I am never a fan of this solution. We may as well just remove matchmaking in that case and just tell people to play with their friends. (Hopefully this doesn’t come across as offensive. I’m just really averse to this method.)


they just need to have a longer queue mode where you get to select the exact class you want and matchmake for it. they will get much better telemetry by seeing most queued for roles. i think it will still go just as quick. i hear plenty of people call each role their favorite.

personally i like being forced to play other roles. even when i fail miserably. its all a learning experience and thats whats fun. evolving.


The only time I’ve felt challenged as a monster was when playing against premades. When in a lobby with four other friends, I had the opportunity to play multiple matches against quality monsters/hunter teams and it made me a better player. I fell like playing games against randoms/bots can develop bad habits because of how easily you can win.

@the_bham, I respect your willingness to play other roles. It makes you a better teammate if you know what everyone should be doing to help the team to success.


also helps be a better monster :wink:


Precisely my point. I want the matchmaking to improve so that I can face good players without having to form a group first.


From what I understand, at this point matchmaking is based more on level than anything else. Once people get to level 40 (cap) it will be based more on win/loss ratio.

Organized and experienced premades with mics will always be better than pugs that don’t communicate.


is anyone suggesting the developpers didn’t think of this suggestion ? :smile:

please, someone explain me why i couldn’t choose between: “join fast games but don’t choose your role” and “choose your role but wait longer”?

are there not enough players on the game to allow this?