Allow Us to Select Bot Teammates


It only makes sense right? While we wait for people to join in, why should we be limited to a Maggie or Hank? Allow me to pick Sunny, Cabot, Griffin, Abe and the like.


Who needs a medic?


You pick Sunny. Someone else picks Hank. Who wins? Recipie for conflict.


Goes to a vote. If its a tie it will be chosen at random.


It should just choose at random


I guess that’s not bad, just seems complicated. Post above suggests random – that’d be better.


the best way would be to let 1 person at random (or with most hunter DLC?) on the hunter side pick them. they can talk to team mates with out an unneeded vote system.


agreed, especially since the monster selection is random if you get stuck playing a bot


Yep, random is probably the easiest solution.

Less conflict.

Easier to implement than a selection / voting system for the other players.

Provides variety instead of everyone just always choosing Caira over the default Val.


I thought of this too. But I guess it’s more fair and realistic if they’re random hunters.


Yep, I wish it was random in custom, MP and solo. Why are we constantly stuck with tier 1? Mix it up a little.


@Bot is always down to play.


Well, occasionally I do need to update myself, which may cause me to be idle for several hours.