Allow players to switch between hunter and monster in the character select lobby


TRS please allow players to switch between hunter and monster in the character select screen. Currently hunters can switch between hunter roles, but you can’t switch with the monster. This would help so much for when the game gives monster to someone who doesn’t want it, or vise versa.

Anyone else agree with this idea? Also sorry mods if there is already a thread about this.


yes, would be nice


Yes please!


I would enjoy this greatly.


Yes, so we can get rid of this useless “select team” screen.


It is a good idea, but I’m afraid that the hunter (who want to be the monster) will have informations about what the other hunters will play.


Agreed. Would like to see this, but as Eos said, the monster will have all the info.


If its in quickplay, who cares if they get a quick glimpse at what youre picking.

If its THAT big of a deal, when someone swaps to monster, change your characters.


its a great Idea if the Bot get the Monster Role or someone didnt want to be Monster but since u can play against Friends i think some ppl will abuse it to get Free Wins for the Leaderboards or
elite Mastery in Puplic Games


Maybe before choosing your characters, people are given the choice to switch sides if they’d like?

Maybe? >.<


I’d love it if they implemented this. Then just only allow each player one side switch per match. You know, so the monster can’t join the hunters if they’re missing a player, look at their comp and then switch back.

Of course we’d also need all-chat for this to ever really work - which is also something the game would benefit from.


…and - for the same reasons - please allow to chat/talk freely between all five players. Honestly - I do not understand from the very beginning why is it blocked. Wouldn’t be better to have an option to block it ? (which in fact is there)

TRS admitted in the past (on this forum), that leaderboards are made to allow very casual way of competition (with simple criteria), just to make fun. So why all these “top security” measures ?

I mean if you are hosting pro tournament then yeah - you need strict rules. But this is another topic and not correlated to daily matches.


This is a great idea! I hate when I get picked for monster in quickplay (I don’t ever play monster), and then there is a bot for one of the hunters. Why get my 5th choice when there is an open spot? I’d rather fight a bot monster than actually play as the monster.


I agree cause me and this groups of guys I was playing with last night were having loads of fun then a player who apparently didn’t want monster left, had this been an option he could have backed out to character select and had I seen it I would have taken over monster that round. Hunter is my favorite but when I’m stuck with a good group like that I wouldn’t mind one bit changing to monster so

  1. I wouldn’t have to leave the group or worry about someone else leaving cause they’re a sissy lala and don’t wanna be monster for a round and
  2. To change things up and keep in interesting Ofcourse!


Even if the monster could see the hunter comp, I’d still want this feature. That’s such a small downside considering how great this feature would be.


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