Allow map effects in Skirmish


I realized that a primary reason people are citing lack of content is b/c they rarely see all of the fun map effects you can get. These are only available in Evac and customs, whereas most people play Skirmish. None of the other custom options for Skirmish, just add a ‘map effects’ mode, while keeping the current vanilla version. Thoughts?


Map effects are incredibly unbalanced. They range from meh, to OMG Monster buff to OMG Hunter buff.


Granted they need adjustments, but barring new game modes, this seems like the fastest way to add some variety to the base game. Also it would be optional, people can play vanilla hunt or ‘map effects’ hunt. The effect would be randomly chosen of course, so if you want a bit of chaos/variety, you can have it.


That is what Evac is for, those who want the Variety. There are many games out there with only 1 ‘type’ of gameplay that do pretty well for themselves. I feel that people’s disinterest stems more from the learning curve involved and having to have actual teamwork instead of yoloing.


You want me to take the chance of getting Uber OP smell kill >_>


Cept that very few people commit the time for Evac. A few of the map effects are unbalanced, granted, but a lot of them are tons of fun, and would be nice to have more ways to play them. If my friends are offline, the only options are ‘dedicate ~30-40 minutes to a full campaign’ or ‘solo a custom match’.


The thing that sucks about evac, is that if one team starts winning a lot, the other team tends to just leave you high and dry.


I really don’t want map effects, they’re incredibly imbalanced and it’s already annoying enough with the 35% dmg and 50% CDR buffs.


Idk about all of them, but i would like some of the wildlife from Evac, I know they made hunting super difficult but for lords sake phantoms are awesome and so are the canyon eels.


Exactly. I think peeps are missing the point where it is an optional addition. I never gave much thought to the flooding effect until I saw it on Wraith Trap, where the entire lower relay is underwater, makes for a super fun fight.


What if instead they decided to make these map effects like buffs,like the moster manually destroying the weather tower for an instant weather change up. This way you would have to interact with the map more and give hunters more to do besides chase a monster and kill buffs all game.

Sorta Like the BF4 Levelution.
Maybe that’s too complex


Would be kinda cool to play ghetto hunt only evac. Or maybe even just have it as sort of an auto balance system for lobbies. Map effects are cool but will definately not be easy to shoehorn in.


Agreed… I play Hunt, because I don’t want pointless effects. I don’t even want buffs, but I’m stuck with those.


The most hilarious one in my opinion is Rift/ Teleporters.

The Rift lets the Monsters do some silly nonsense to avoid the Hunters by warping somewhere else from the center of the map.

Teleporters are even sillier - the cheese to hold out for a dropship with them is legendary.

The map effects are very fun, but not balanced.

On things already in the game, I’d like to see adverse weather weaken the Monster’s sense of smell to compensate for Hunters having terrible visibility in it.