Allow game to finish with no human hunters

3rd game I’ve lost today cause hunters all quit and screw me out of a win, i barely play monster but this just sickens me


I agree that you should be able to finish if all the hunters drop. They get to finish an ai monster, so monsters should have the same opportunity.


This has never happened to me but it sounds terrible, if they quit it shouldn’t go against your win loss ratio, if anything it should be a win for you or you should get to keep going

I had a time once where I had to play the same match against 3 different sets of Hunters because they kept leaving. I had two wins by a landslide and almost lost the third… I would’ve been furious.

I know exactly what you mean. I have been running monster games the past two days and it feels like I am constantly subjected to this.

Rage quit always count as a lose.
you should get a WIN , theoretically,but…

Yes to this. Need this. I mean there’s a good chance someone else will jump in.

People are picky about joining mid game, I don’t understand why, I mean only certain times is it really that bad

I don’t have a problem with it unless I take over a monster with maybe a bar or 2 of health. Even then that’s not so bad though. Just means you found a group to play with.

Yeah, that’s how I feel, except when you join literally seconds before you loose, I don’t want that counting on my record

I believe if I recall correctly it won’t count.

That’s good, I join as monster domed and have less than a bar of health left, to make it worse it’s lagging and won’t let me take control of the AI, or as a hunter I join with the monster right on top of me and I’m the last one left, so glad those don’t count

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