Allow founders to play Ranked without having to get to lvl 20?


I feel bad destroying new hunter teams as monster. I have been playing for months and most of my opponents have played for a day. It’s a litle boring for more experienced players, and I’m sure it’s no fun for the new people.

Why not let founders play ranked right away? That way we won’t beat up on the new people and ruin their first days.

Rouge Val (Revisting)

that sounds like a decent idea but we shall let the great snow white of the 7 chaos dwarves.


yea it would let the founders get some play in with eachother and explore the new evolve while not going on 10 win streaks
(my latest wraith pub smash escapade) :smiley: even if its really fun its probly not as fun to the players who are new to the game. ALSO: can we make monster win streaks seprate from hunter win streaks?


Not to brag but I am currently on a 17 game win streak as monster. The hunters tell me at the end of most games that they are new or haven’t played since the beta, and have no idea why they died.

I will switch to ranked asap, but it is definitely an issue having new players get slaughtered by the oldies. It’s also not much of a challenge playing new people all the time, and frustrating as a hunter with new teammates.


Personally I have been using PUBS to test my Monster chops and really work on the ones I’m weak with.

I will master Kraken


Im so sorry with the winning streak, especially to those new players, i forced myself to lose after every 5th winning streak now. :confounded: